How to Speed up Your Torrent Downloading

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Have you ever thought of how to speed up your torrent downloads? Torrenting speeds could be increased by simply practicing the basic internet speed practices, though you could even change your torrent client’s settings to speed up a few torrents. You must keep in mind one most important thing: when torrents do not have the apt number of seeds to complete it downloading, you cannot do much. Also, choose reliable sites to download torrents faster, like from website The Pirate Bay, you just have to click on –

Here are a few tricks and tips to boost up your torrent download speed:

To begin with, first, you should check the number of seeders for the torrent file you wish to download. Choose the one that features the maximum number of seeds for a specific file to enjoy the fastest speed to download torrents.

Try adding just the latest trackers from a working list when your number of seeds is even less than 10, and you don’t get the expected speed to download for your connection. Here are steps to follow:

Click right on a torrent file in the utorrent and select properties.

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  • Choose General tab > select Trackers box. Then you should scroll down and go to the end of the list and press enter for leaving a blank line. Now you should copy and paste the current trackers into the box.
  • Adjust your bandwidth settings by just clicking Options > Bandwidth in Utorrent.
  • Set the maximum number of slots for each torrent to 14. Press Apply and then click OK for saving the settings.
  • Limit the upload rate to a maximum of 10 or 15 kbps and a maximum speed of downloading to infinity.
  • Set a global maximum number of the connections to 500 and a maximum number of the connected peers per torrent to 100.
  • Now choose Options > Preferences. Select the connection and even check the box for enabling UPnP port mapping.
  • Next, go to options > Preferences and set the maximum number of downloads active to 1. Click Apply and press OK, saving the settings.
  • Click right on the torrent and select Bandwidth allocation. Set it to ‘high’ for prioritizing the torrent file and push the speed limits of the connection.

If your ISP throttles your connection speeds, here is what you must do:

You must enable the option “Forced” under the Protocol Encryption via Options > Preferences >BitTorrent settings. Even, enable the mode of legacy for the incoming connections.

Here are some more tricks to speed up your torrent downloading:

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Always select a good torrent: This is the most important aspect if you want your torrenting experience to be a blissful one. Make sure that you are choosing torrent files that have significant upvotes on them. Additionally, you need to begin with the best sites like

The thumb rule to pick the best torrents is to ensure that there are enough seeders to it, and especially, there must be fewer Leechers than Seeders.

Leechers are also users who are also trying to download files from available sources but they do not upload much content.

Seeders are Peers who have complete copies of the files for uploading and downloading it to request Peers.

The health of torrents is determined by the seeder: leecher ratio. Suppose the ratio is higher, the better the torrent speed, among several other things such as availability of the torrent parts for downloading. Therefore, choosing a healthy torrent is quite essential.


Trackers are servers that help keep track of all the peers actively involved in torrent sharing. It is the thing that sets up the connection between many peers. The best way to increase your torrent downloading speed is by adding fast and new trackers to your internet connection.

Therefore, by following the above tips, you can actually speed up your torrent downloading speed by somewhere between 30% to 2x, of course, it is huge! The torrent clients often use lesser configurations, so you can immediately start downloading your files when you install them. Though there can be some tweaks to this, you could even unlock the true speed for downloading your internet connection can offer.

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