How to rent a home in Gurgaon?

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Gurgaon, or as it is now officially referred to as ‘Gurugram,’ is a perfect example of a town that rose from poverty to riches. The city’s rise to prominence as Haryana’s industrial and financial hub began in the early 1980s, when famed car maker Maruti Suzuki established a facility here. After 36 years, an official name change, and a new perspective on the city, Gurugram is now one of India’s fastest expanding cities.

Today, Gurgaon is home to a diverse group of people and families from all across the country. While there is essentially no local community, the majority of the population is made up of young professionals from other places. Gurgaon, like Delhi, has a continental climate that lasts all year. Summers are extremely hot and humid, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees (and climbing) due to the Thar Desert’s closeness. If you think winters are better, think again! Gurgaon often experiences temperatures minus 3 degrees Celsius, with some rain!

Gurgaon is fast establishing itself as India’s century city, with numerous millennial entrepreneurs and global corporations establishing operations here. Because of its closeness to New Delhi and the international airport, Gurgaon is a desirable location for all enterprises to establish operations. Gurgaon has swiftly ascended the ladder of rapid transition from a small-scale agricultural settlement to an exclusive urban cyber city, thanks to city-wide development and infrastructural developments. Here’s everything you’ll need to migrate and survive in Gurgaon now that we’ve prepped you for it.

What is Gurgaon’s average cost of living?

While there may be a significant increase in work possibilities in India’s corporate centre, the cost of living is something to consider when relocating to a new location. Gurgaon, which has a population of 876,900 people, has seen significant urbanisation and presently boasts India’s third highest per capita income. Gurgaon’s cost of living index is 31.08, which is a staggering 11.40 percent more than Bengaluru’s.

Commute every day

In comparison to other big cities, Gurgaon is one of the well-planned cities with a solid road network. In comparison to the dismal traffic conditions in Bangalore or Mumbai, traffic is also more controlled. Unfortunately, navigating Gurgaon is not as simple as it is in other large cities. At best, Gurgaon’s public transportation is unreliable, disorganised, and intermittent. There are endless apartments for rent in Gurgaon that you can look for and enjoy living a comfortable life.

Locality and area

It is not as difficult to find a property in a suburb like Gurgaon as it is in other large cities. Gurgaon caters to people from all walks of life. Gurgaon provides a variety of housing alternatives to fit your budget, ranging from an utilitarian 1BHK to luxury homes. Unlike Delhi, Gurgaon offers a wide range of housing alternatives in designated residential zones. As a result, the risk of pollution and noise is reduced.

At gated communities, you may choose from a low-rise 1 bhk flat on rent in Gurgaon to a high-rise condominium with the normal amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and sports room. To save time and money, look for a location that is less than 5 kilometres from your employment. You’ll also be safer.

Convenience stores and other conveniences


If you enjoy shopping, Gurgaon is home to some of India’s greatest and largest malls, including Ambience, MGF Metropolitan, and DLF Grand, to mention a few. Local markets and food locations in the city, in addition to malls and shopping complexes, are your best bet for survival in this metropolis. Gurgaon’s cuisine offerings will not disappoint, since it caters to both street food enthusiasts and gourmets.

If you’ve heard of Artemis or Medanta Medicity, you’re already aware that Gurgaon is home to some of the country’s best medical institutions. Gurgaon is also home to some of the greatest multiplexes, beautiful green parks, gaming zones, and well-known entertainment attractions such as the legendary Kingdom of Dreams.

Recreational and leisure activities

Are you exhausted after a long week? When it comes to leisure and recreational activities, Gurgaon will not disappoint. Gurgaon has all of the advantages that a metropolitan city should have. If you wish to have a stress-free pleasant day, visit Sultanpur National Park, Fun and Food Village, Galleria Market, Epicentre, and AppuGhar Water Park.

Gurgaon features the best of world-class cuisine and drinks, whether you’re a foodie or just want to relax in a charming café or a pub.


It’s difficult to rent a property in Gurgaon without a broker, as if finding a residence without spending a lot of money wasn’t difficult enough. Brokers may be real-estate ninjas, but monthly rents in Gurgaon are sometimes higher than the cost of living. All you need to do is to get in touch with us at Stanza Living and we will help you get the right deals.

It’s now time to bring the house-hunting journey to a close. Take a deep breath, kick your feet back, and relax. It’s critical to have an optimistic attitude and keep looking for a home. Gurgaon is unquestionably India’s smart and millennium city. While living in Gurgaon is unlike living in any other city, it is constantly alive with energy and chances. Whether you’re looking to rent a property or find a job in Gurgaon, there’s something for everyone.

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