How to Reduce Fat in Thighs and Buttocks | Weird Tricks That Work

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Today, we’re gonna talk about how to reduce fat in thighs and buttocks.

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So, back to today’s topic, how to reduce fat in thighs and buttocks?

Is there a way that seems to target just these parts of the body?

Read on to learn all about it.

No Way of Burning Fat In Certain Spots of Your Body

Even if I would like to say that you could shed fat from only your double chin, or take some from your love handles, the body sadly doesn’t work that way.

In order to get rid of fat in your thighs and buttocks, you need to target the whole body.

However, if you have a slim face but heavy thighs, your body will automatically burn the fat on your thighs, since that is your fat reserve.

If you are lucky enough to only have a big bum and no belly fat or double chins, you will see quick results in getting your buttocks smaller.

Here follow some great ways on how to reduce fat in thighs and buttocks.

Aerobic Exercise

If you’re not interested in doing some dieting, then aerobic training is one of the best ways of burning body fat.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week.

There are tons of videos on YouTube, with free aerobic classes, so you won’t even have to spend any cash to lose weight.

The thing you really want to go after with aerobic exercises is to get your heart rate up since it’s then you will get maximum calory burn.

Reduce Amount of Salt

Excessive salt intake might cause your body to retain water.

This can induce bloating and alter your body’s form, notably your thighs.

Since water follows salt, cutting back on salt can get you back in the jeans you love, and quite fast.

If you doubt this little trick, just give it a go for a week or two, and you will see that you drop one, just from that.

Eat Fewer Carbs and More Protein

Carbs are converted to glycogen, which is subsequently stored together with water in your liver and muscles.

The more carbohydrates you consume, the more water you store in your body.

That is why many people believe they lose weight quickly after starting a low-carb diet.

Protein, however, will keep you feeling satisfied for longer periods of time, which helps with binge eating.

HIIT Training

If you are the kind of person who likes to exercise, you could take the aerobic exercise to the next level by doing HIIT workouts, which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training.

With HIIT, you will exercise for shorter periods of time, but at a higher tempo.

It’s great for people who don’t really have the time for a 1-hour workout per day.

Just remember that this is hardcore stuff, so you should absolutely discuss it with your doctor before you start.

If you have heart problems, it can be even dangerous.

Start Eating Oranges

This sounds a bit weird but, but you should try eating oranges if you’re looking for a way to slim down your thighs.

According to a 2011 study, a diet high in Polyphenols (found in citrus fruits) may interact with the bacteria in the intestines to aid weight loss, particularly when combined with a low-probiotic diet.

Like skipping the salt, this is something that you can easily try without much effort on your side.

If oranges aren’t your thing, Polyphenols can also be found in red wine and dark chocolate.

How about that?

Getting Enough Sleep is Vital

If you’re attempting to lose weight, obtaining eight hours of sleep each night is essential.

Sleep deprivation causes you to produce more of the stress hormone cortisol and less of the hunger hormone leptin, both of which love to cling onto fat reserves to provide us more energy.

Avoid refined sugar and processed carb snacks after 3 p.m. if you’re having difficulties falling or staying asleep.

Try listening to some ambient music or guided relaxation via apps.

These do work, but you need to make a habit out of it.

You should listen to the same tracks every night since that will help your brain recognize that it is now time to sleep.

Drink Enough Water

One of the most effective strategies to keep healthy and reduce weight is to drink enough water.

According to one study, drinking 500ml of water (about one pint) will boost your metabolism for up to an hour.

Drinking a glass of water every hour or so will keep your body hydrated while also increasing your basal metabolic rate.

This is also a quick win since it doesn’t really take any effort to implement.

That’s it for this post about how to reduce fat in thighs and buttocks.

I hope that you got some new ideas from it.

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