How to move the taskbar back to the bottom – an interesting approach to it

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How to move the taskbar back to the bottom – Has your taskbar accidentally moved to another edge of your desktop? And you are finding it odd there and want to know how to move the taskbar back to the bottom? We can solve all your technology problems, whether big or small. We will teach you how to move your taskbar anywhere you want and whether it can move on its own or not? Hence, without further ado, let us get straight to the point of this article.

How To Move The Taskbar Back To The Bottom

Imagine using your system and working on some file or document or even just playing games. Then, you return to the desktop to jump to another folder for a different purpose. However, your eyes get stuck because your taskbar is not at the bottom anymore. You find it on the right, left, or, let’s say, on the top of the screen. We understand that some involuntary changes look absurd, and we want our desktop to be perfect as we desire.

Steps To Move Your Taskbar

So, how to move the taskbar back to the bottom? The steps are very convenient to follow. Through these steps, you can move your taskbar at any edge. And can avoid any such accidents in the future as well. These steps are as follows:

  1. Bring your pointer to the taskbar and right-click on any blank part of it.
  2. Before moving ahead, you need to check whether or not the “Lock the taskbar” tab is unchecked. You cannot move it if checked.
  3. After checking it, you need to do the left click on the blank part of the taskbar and do not let go of the click.
  4. Then, you need to drag it to any side of the screen you want, the bottom if you want it there.
  5. When the taskbar is at whatever side you like, you can finally release the click from your mouse or fingers.
  6. After you have your taskbar at the side you want, we suggest you take an extra step to secure that position and ensure it does not move to another side again. For that, you need to right-click on the unused part of the taskbar and check the “Lock the taskbar” tab. Voila! Your taskbar is again at the bottom now.

I am sure the above steps have helped you get your answer to “how to move the taskbar back to the bottom?” You need to follow the same steps to move your taskbar to any other side like right, left, or top.


Now that you know how to move the taskbar back to the bottom, we are sure your desktop is back to its perfect appearance. In most cases, it happens when an individual is dragging their icons, and they accidentally drag the taskbar too. We hope these steps were helpful, and for any further questions about it, you can refer to our “Frequently Asked Questions” section. It would delight us to solve your queries and give away solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what edge can the taskbar move?

The taskbar can move to all four edges, i.e., top, bottom, right, and left.

Should I lock my taskbar at the bottom?

It is your choice where you want to put your taskbar. However, it is better to lock it at whatever edge you like to avoid accidental dragging. And you also won’t have to google how to move the taskbar back to the bottom again.

Can taskbar shift edges on its own?

It is unlikely to happen. It could either be some bug or accidental dragging that made it happen.

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