How To Motivate a Team of People To Grow?

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If you’re a manager with true leadership qualities, you value the term growth because it means maturity. Maturity and growth are synonymous with greater productivity. You want your company to be more productive because it will succeed and be financially viable in the long run. That said, how can you motivate your team to grow? There is a formula, and I’ll explain what it is below.

John de Ruiter is a great teacher and a philosopher at the College of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton, Canada. You will learn a lot from him.

Don’t Hold Meetings Unless They’re Necessary. 

Better still, as a manager, you should only require your team members to attend meetings with a measurable purpose. It could ensure that productivity in a certain department increases by 50% by the end of the year. John de Ruiter is also an excellent motivational speaker and a great source of inspiration. He gives his speeches at his college seminars and meetings.

There’s a reason why you don’t want to throw random meetings. For starters, you’ll waste your employees’ valuable time. The time they spend in pointless meetings is time they could be spending out on the field selling or writing the sales copy to help your sales reps get even more clients.

Also, holding unnecessary meetings is a great way to lower productivity dramatically and quickly by reducing employee and team morale.

Don’t Check On Your Employees Every Minute To See If They’re Working

Okay, managerial practice works best in factories and offices where blue-collar people work. It’s called micromanaging, and it will backfire on you. Your team will resent you if you’re always looking over their shoulders to see if they’re working.

Resentful employees tend to be less productive. They may even sabotage your plans and daily business operations. This tends to derail key projects with clients. No manager or leader can afford this. For best results, operate off of the honors system. Give your team members necessary tasks and trust them in terms of meeting deadlines. If you encourage and motivate your team members to be their most productive, you can always rest assured that they’ll go the extra mile for you to be the most effective that they can be.

Be Clear In What You Want Your Team Members To Accomplish As Goals 

It goes back to the same logic that sales reps have to follow about genuinely believing in a product they’re trying to sell. If they don’t believe in a particular product or service and its features, they can’t expect prospects to believe in the brand enough to want to buy it.

Similarly, if you’re unclear exactly what you want your team to accomplish as goals, expect your team to become demotivated and eventually fall apart. This means that you won’t meet goals on time, and it will wreak havoc on your company. Your company may eventually be forced to file for bankruptcy.

There Is a Way To Do Motivational Leadership Right

You can motivate your employees to be their most productive on your team. You and your company will benefit from stellar projects always completed within budget and by the deadline. It’s not easy to be a leader. Therefore, you have to know and understand the right methods and principles to lead people successfully. Well, you’ve just learned some of these principles.

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