How to Make Slime at Home


If you’ve ever wanted to make your own homemade Slime, but didn’t know how to start, you’re in luck! Of course, you will need a few ingredients, but if you’re beginning, you can find some great tips in our slime guide. Add-ins include Activator, Baking soda, and Glitter glue. You can also make your Slime from a packet of Borax.


There are numerous ways to color your Slime. Food coloring is the easiest to use. You can also use acrylic paint or powdered pigments. You can also try adding glitter or beads to your Slime. Each person may prefer a different degree of slime texture and color. To create your own unique Slime, experiment with different additives and colors to find the one that works best for you. Creating your custom slime will be a fun experience!

For a colorful and unusual slime, try using thermochromic powder, which changes color when heated. This is similar to the colors found on cupcakes or cake sprinkles. Another interesting and fun slime add-in is fishbowl beads. Small, smooth glass gems can change color when added to Slime. Add-ins that make Slime more fun and interesting are available in all colors and textures.


Activator for Slime is a non-toxic, safe substance that transforms ordinary Elmer’s glue into goopy, stretchy Slime. It is available in 65 grams and is washable. In addition, this Slime is non-toxic, washable, and safe for children to play with. To create Slime, you need the following items. Elmer’s glue, 65 g, Elmer’s Slime, washable Activator for Slime, and water.

Liquid starch: A liquid starch in the grocery store’s laundry soap section can be used to make Slime. Liquid starch contains sodium borate, one of the most important ingredients in a successful slime. Pour the liquid starch into a clean, dry container and leave for five minutes. It will start to form into Slime within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, an activator for Slime is not easy to find in the stores. Starch spray or corn starch will not work.

Baking soda

Make homemade Slime with baking soda and glue. This Slime is surprisingly easy to make and only requires three basic ingredients: baking soda, water, and glue. You can add a few drops of food coloring to the Slime if you like. Combine the three ingredients and let them sit for a few minutes. Once the Slime has cooled, stir it again, adding more water as needed to make it stretchier.

You can use baking soda alone or add it to liquids like soap and water. You can also mix vinegar and water for a slightly thicker slime. It will initially be sticky but become less sticky as you knead it. You can also mix different amounts of baking soda with water to create different textures. The more you mix it, the more Slime it will make. When you are finished, your Slime will look great!

Glitter glue

When making your glitter slime, you should keep a few safety precautions in mind. First, don’t consume the Slime because Borax can be deadly if swallowed. If you don’t want to risk it, you can add a few drops of liquid watercolor or gel food coloring into the slime mixture. You can also add extra fine glitter. It’s best to work slowly and make sure to use small amounts. Once the Slime is ready, you can store it in a Ziploc bag.

To make glitter slime:

  1. Start by combining glue and extra fine glitter in separate bowls.
  2. Then, add a few teaspoons of liquid starch.
  3. Stir well until the Slime begins to form into a ball. Once it has thickened, you can line it up by color.
  4. Add more clear glue if the Slime is too runny and starts to pull away from the bowl. Once the Slime has been set, you can play with it and store it in an airtight container.

Contact lens solution

Using Borax, boric acid, and baking soda, you can make contact lens slime at home. Borax and baking soda are both safe and effective as slime ingredients. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the Slime to avoid any skin irritation. To create thick contact lens slime, you can add a teaspoon of cornflour. This recipe is safe for children, although it is best not to eat the Slime.

The key ingredient for making contact lens slime is sodium borate, which can be found in expired contact lens cleaning solutions or eye drops. White glue is also needed for the Slime making process. This glue should dissolve in baking soda; then, you can add the food dye. After preparing all the ingredients, let the Slime cool down before removing it from the lenses. You may want to keep the solution in the refrigerator overnight.

Food coloring

If you want to make your Slime, here are a few easy steps. First, you’ll need a mixture of two parts glue and one part starch, and about a teaspoon of water. Once the glue and starch mixture is combined, you can add food coloring or thermochromic pigment. You can also add glitter or essential oils. Once the slime mixture is well-combined, knead it with your hands until it reaches the consistency you like.

You can also use food coloring to add color to your Slime. For example, you can use two teaspoons of food coloring to get a pink slime. You can also use eyeshadow or pigment powder to change the color of the Slime. Then, stir in the liquid using a spoon. Finally, you can use a fork, mini whisk, or kneading spoon to remove clumps.

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