How to make an icon for a website – Amazing techniques of custom icons

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How to make an icon for a website – In today’s market, there are websites for everything. Digitalization has forced every organization to have a digital presence. So many websites and apps can make your desktop cluttered and messy. Even if you have put icons, you still take time to identify that or read the name. So it is best to make a custom icon for websites to help you recognize them faster. But the question is how to make an icon for a website? The answer is in this blog.

How To Make An Icon For A Website

It is very convenient to make a custom icon for your shortcuts. There are a couple of procedures that can help you do it. And once you read and practice how to make an icon for a website, you will learn them immediately. But before that, please note that websites provide you with a custom icon as a “default icon.” That icon, which some people like to call “favicon.ico,” is at the root. And there are several purposes to it.

Dragging The Icon

It is the first method on “how to make an icon for a website.” And the most simple one as per our opinion. When using your internet browser, change its size to relatively shorter so that you can also see your desktop a bit. Then, click and hold on to the favicon in the address bar. After that, you have to drag it to the desktop to create a shortcut to that page.

Direct Method

Another method on “how to make an icon for a website” is creating it directly from the desktop. Right-click on the desktop and click new. Press the shortcut option. Enter the website of the shortcut you want to create. If you make a shortcut through this method, You will get a custom icon.

However, you can also change it by going on the properties tab and selecting the various options available. The purpose is to make it easier for you. Whatever you think suits you best, you can go with it.


We are sure you know how to make an icon for a website. And you can teach it to your friends and family as well. It was that easy. The best part of custom icons is that it gives us a personalized feeling. And, of course, you skip the whole “finding the icon” part, which is very useful at the time of emergencies.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the purpose of a favicon?

Suppose you often visit a website and do not want to type its name again and again. So you put it in the bookmark of your Favorites. Then it is the favicon (default icon) that appears in the Favorites toolbar or menu. Most browsers portray the favicon in the address bar when visiting a page.

Can I go back to the original icon after making a custom icon?

Yes, you can always go back to the original icon. The custom icon is only for making it better for the user to identify the website.

Do I have to repeat the whole process if I want to change the custom icon on the desktop?

No. There are other steps you can follow for it. First, you have to right-click the shortcut icon that you created. Then you will find an option of properties. Click on that. A dialog box will appear. Go to the web document tab and select the change icon tab. It will mostly be present at the bottom right of the box. From there on, you can choose from various options.

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