How to Install Hidden Frame Glass Doors

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Installing hidden frame glass doors is a great way to add value to your home, bring the outside in, and improve lighting in any space. These doors provide an elegant look and feel to your home, giving you more space for storage and functionality. Installing hidden frame glass doors is a relatively straightforward process for DIYers, contractors, and architects.

Here’s how you can install your glass door:

Select the Right Hidden Frame Glass for Your Space

Installing a hidden frame glass door is a great way to update your entryway. If you’re looking to replace your existing entry door with a new invisible frame glass door, you should choose one that will match the aesthetic of your space. You will want to select a style that matches the rest of your home.

Get Your Door Parts and Tools Ready

Installing hidden frame glass doors is a simple process, but it requires some special tools to ensure everything goes smoothly. You’ll need a screwdriver and level, putty knife, tape measure and pencil, mallet, drywall screws, or other screws that match frames. In addition, you will need your door parts (including the frame), glazing for each door, silicone caulk and a caulking gun, wood filler, sandpaper (fine grit), paintbrush (for oil-based paint), and paint stripper. Do not start the installation until you have the necessary materials.

Remove Your Existing Doors and Frames

If you have an existing door, you must remove it before installing your new hidden frame glass door. Be sure to remove any hardware or hinges attached to the door, so they don’t get damaged during removal. In addition, you can remove trim molding around the area where the old door was located, so there isn’t any visible damage when you’re done.

Measure Your Doorway

Before heading out to shop for your new doors, take some measurements to ensure they will fit correctly. You can measure your doorway by measuring the length and width with a tape measure. Once you have those measurements, you can choose a style of door that fits in with your home’s décor.

Cut and Install the Frame to Fit Your Door

Measure the distance between the hinges on your current door and cut the frame piece that will match. You want a bit of clearance on each side of the door, so don’t make your cuts too tight. Then screw the frame into place and test your fit. You can make some adjustments from there. For example, if you’re installing a single door on a double door frame, ensure both doors open and close appropriately before sealing them.

Apply Sealant Around the Edges of the Door Frame

Use a caulk gun to apply silicone sealant around all four sides of your frame. The bond will help keep water out of your house and prevent rot from forming in your door frame. In addition, if your frame expands or contracts according to the weather, sealant can help prevent any permanent damage.

Drill the Holes for the Hinges

Once you’ve installed the frames, use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of your hinge screws. Drill holes through each corner of each frame on both sides. The drilling will allow you to put screws through this hole into studs behind them. The mounted screws will hold heavy glass doors without sagging or falling off their hinges.

Install Hinges and Door Handles on Your Doors

After installing your frame, it’s time to install the hinges and door handles on your gates. First, ensure they match up on either side of the door. You can install the hinges if your doors are automatic or don’t have handles.

Hang the Glass Doors in Place

You can hang the doors by using hinges or a sliding system. Your new hidden frame glass door will come with instructions for installation on its packaging label or box cover. When installing your hidden frame glass doors, you will need to level them out. You can do this by placing shims under the bottom hinge screws on each door until they are both even with one another. Once they are set up, put a level across both hinges and ensure they are still even with one another.

If you are using a sliding door system, make sure the tracks are level with each other. A sliding system will allow moving the glass door up and down, while hinges will only allow the door to swing open and shut.

Install Door Hardware

After your doors are leveled out and hanging straight, you can install any hardware on both sides using the manufacturer’s instructions. Do this well before installing any finish materials on either side of the glass doors. This step is optional, depending on the type of glass door you select.

Final Checklist and Troubleshooting

Once you’ve completed all these steps, check over everything again. Make sure that all parts are installed correctly and that everything is working. If anything looks wrong, double-check your work and make corrections. You can call the manufacturer if you have any questions.

Grab Your Hidden Frame Glass Doors Today

Your hidden frame glass doors manufacturer or dealer will help you choose an appropriate model for your home or office space. Your manufacturer will answer any questions that may arise during installation. If you would rather have the building done by a professional, your manufacturer will have options for you.

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