How to get Strong and Accurate Comps for Commercial Real Estate


While you are trying to get comps for business real estate it is imperative the comps you get are up-to-date, since you need to know what the home you are looking at is currently worth. This will likely help you get an accurate idea of the actual market value of the property is definitely. When you go with comps that are far too old, it will not give you a correct idea of the value in today’s market. Commonly you’ll want to go with commercial real estate investment comps that are less than a few months old.

The comps you have also need to be “like” comps as well since you’ll want often the comps to depict often the accurate value of the property you would like. Basically, you don’t want to compare and contrast an industrial property using an office building, since this won’t permit you to come up with an accurate valuation. Be sure that the comparables you have are similar to the size and style of the property you are looking into.

When Researching Comps

When you are looking into your comps in order to purchase accurate data on the professional real estate you are considering, there are several components you’ll need to keep in mind. The following are a number of things to consider in order to get the best possible comparables.

Consideration #1 – Very similar Properties – The comps that you choose need to be very similar properties, in both types in addition to size, to the commercial real estate investment you are planning on purchasing.

Account #2 – Price Range instructions The price range of the houses that you use for comps should be close to the asking price of the commercial real estate you are planning with purchasing.

Consideration #3 instructions Location of the Property – A different consideration to remember when you are in search of the best comps is the residence location. You should choose comparables that are on a similar little bit of property that your prospective residence is on. If you are looking at commercial real estate on the water, in that case make sure your comps are on this as well. Geographically speaking, your personal comps should be within a mi. for the best comparables, although you could go up to five miles after mile away if you have to.

Consideration #4 – Property Condition instructions You should also be sure that you do the condition of the property into consideration. If the commercial real estate you are considering was in great shape, you won’t need to look at comps that are with run-down properties.

Consideration #5 – How Long on the Market instructions You should also check how many times the like kind comps ended up on the market before they were purchased. If the property took a very long time to sell, then there is possibly a reason. Also, if it is marketed fast, there is probably an excuse behind that as well.

The thing to consider #6 – Amenities in the Properties – Another thing to be aware of when researching comps, is the services of the properties. Make sure that the particular comparables have very similar services to the commercial real estate you are planning to purchase.

The Conditions to the Rule

In some cases, you possibly will not be able to find comps that can be in the immediate area, in that case, you’ll have to look for comps inside the same city. If you have seemed for comparables that are within just 5 miles of the home you are considering and you cannot see them, it will usually be ok to go ahead and opt for comps in the same community or city.

In some cases, you possibly will not be able to find any up-to-date comparables for your prospective home. This may cause you to use comps that are as old as 2 years if there are just simply no matching recent comparables. When these are the only comps you will find, then you’ll probably have to go together.

Locating Your Comps

You could be wondering how you can find very good comps. Well, there are several different methods to find good comparables. One ideal way to get the comps you would like is to ask the loan broker that you are working with for comps. Another option is to use the YOUR LOCAL MLS system that is used by agents if you can get access to it. There are numerous online sites, such as CoStar. com and Loopnet. com that will supply you with the comps you require. The more comparables you can get, the higher, so work to get as much as you can.

3 Types of Comps

There are three different types of comps that you may be gathering, according to the type of property you are looking directly into. Here are the three types of comparables you’ll need to be familiar with.

Comps that can be “As Is” – These kinds of comps are properties that can be similar to the commercial real estate you are looking at in the current state of downfall and current zoning. Manage to survive using comps that have been rezoned or improved.

After Produced Value Comps – It is a comp that involves land which was improved with the infrastructure necessary for building construction. This can contain sidewalks, curbs, streets, tools, gutters, and sewers.

Following Repaired Value Comps: These comps are used once you have a building that needs to incorporate some repairs. This works with the price that the property will probably be worth on the current market when you have restored it to good shape.

As you can see, having accurate comps is very important when getting into a business real estate deal. If you cannot get a broker to give you the comps you need, then you may want to inform them you’ll have to either get out of say yes to or find another dealer that can help you find the comparables you need to make an informed selection. Usually, this will help inspire the broker to get the comps you need, since the broker just does not want to lose the deal or perhaps their commission. Either way, ensure you find strong and correct comps that allow you to make a knowledgeable decision on your commercial property deal.

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