How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen


If your laptop has a cracked or broken screen, you may wonder how to fix it. The good news is that there are several ways to repair your screen. These include applying pressure to the screen to remove the black dots and taking it to a repair shop. Follow these instructions to fix a broken or cracked laptop screen.

Repairing a broken laptop screen

A broken screen can cause a severe headache for any laptop user, but replacing it is a relatively simple task. To replace a screen, take the damaged screen off and note the pins that connect the screen to the motherboard. Also, measure the screen’s diagonal size before you begin the process. After the measurement, search online for a replacement screen. This will help ensure that you get a screen that fits your laptop exactly.

Next, remove the bezel that covers the screen. This can often be removed with a thin object like a safety pin or a needle. You can then pry it off. Once you have removed the bezel, remove the screws held in place by the bezel. This will make the replacement process more accessible.

Next, inspect the rest of the laptop’s components. Check to ensure that no other laptop parts have been damaged. If it is still functioning, then you can continue with the replacement. However, if you find the screen cracked or physically broken, you need to replace the entire screen.

Replacing a cracked laptop screen

The first step in replacing a cracked laptop screen is to remove the bezel surrounding the screen. Usually, this bezel is attached to the back case with plastic snaps. To remove it, use a fingernail or thin object to pry the bezel away. Once you have removed the bezel, remove the screws that secure the screen to the case.

Most laptop screens can be repaired. However, it’s essential to choose an exemplary repair service. If you have a Macbook, it’s best to seek AppleCare repair services, but if you don’t, you can also use a third-party repair service. In most cases, a cracked laptop screen can be repaired.

Depending on the model of your laptop, replacing a cracked screen can be a straightforward DIY project. You need to know what kind of repair you need and how to proceed. The cost of a replacement screen depends on the screen’s make, model, and size. Some models can cost as low as $49, and others can run to several hundred dollars. Before you attempt to repair a cracked screen, make sure you research your options online.

Applying pressure to the screen to alleviate black dots

Black dots on the screen of a laptop are embarrassing and a nuisance, but they can be removed with specific techniques. First, remove the faceplate from the laptop. Next, apply pressure to the screen. If this doesn’t work, place a thick piece of cardboard underneath the affected area.

Secondly, you can use a soft microfibre cloth to massage the affected pixels lightly. This method will alleviate black spots on a laptop’s screen and help you avoid complete screen replacement. Alternatively, you can try applying pressure to the screen with a pen or pencil with a rounded end. This method may effectively remove black dots, but it may damage the screen.

Thirdly, you can try applying pressure to the screen with a blunt object. Various items, such as a screwdriver, can apply pressure to the screen. You can use a cloth with a rounded edge if you do not have any of these tools.

Taking your laptop to a professional repair shop

Before attempting to fix the screen yourself, you must ensure that your laptop is completely off. You should also ensure that you have the correct tools and a flat surface. Once you have the correct tools, turn off the laptop and remove the battery if you have one. This will help you avoid any other issues while replacing the screen. After removing the battery, you should locate the screws on the screen bezel. The screws are often located near the hinges on display.

Another option is to find a local repair shop that does laptop repairs. Of course,the Apple store is  the best place to ge, but you can also try computer shops like Best Buy, Computer Expert USA, or Dell Expert Repair Services. Always check with AppleCare before attempting a laptop repair if you have a MacBook. If your screen is cracked, it may be best to take it to a professional repair shop for a screen replacement. However, you should be aware that removing the screen will invalidate your warranty. This is why it is essential only to do it if you’re confident in your abilities.

If the problem is minor and only affects the screen, you can repair the screen yourself. Some laptops come with a screen repair kit containing all the tools necessary to repair the screen. Buying a screen repair kit will save you time and money. Otherwise, you can use things you have around the house to make a screen replacement.