How to Find the Best Beginner Motorcycle


Finding the ideal motorcycle for beginners requires balancing power, reliability, and ease of use – which is why many novice riders opt for standard bikes like Suzuki SV650s.

This lightweight bike features smooth power delivery and is favored by riding schools for its lightweight construction and easy handling.

Safety Tips for New Riders

Experienced riders know it can be daunting to venture onto the open road for the first time, so taking safety precautions before every ride can make an intimidating experience more manageable and enjoyable. By following these safety tips and practicing in a controlled environment before heading out onto public roads for good, following these safety tips can help minimize dangerous motorcycle situations while making for a smoother riding experience overall.

Numerous motorcycle models are on the market, each designed for specific types of riding. While it might be tempting to begin your motorcycle experience on something more unique, like a long-forked chopper or high-powered superbike intended for off-road use, a generalist bike will make the transition more straightforward and more enjoyable.

One of the best beginner motorcycles is the KTM 390 Duke, which provides accessible power in an easily manageable package. Another excellent choice for new riders is Kawasaki Ninja 400’s agile yet beginner-friendly engine and responsive handling. Finally, the Yamaha YZF-R3 may provide another suitable alternative.

As part of choosing the ideal motorcycle for beginners, handlebar height is also essential. You should be able to reach the controls without straining or leaning too far over. To maintain situational awareness while riding safely and with maximum fatigue prevention, your eyes should remain focused on the road throughout every ride.

Before heading out on your motorcycle, practicing riding up and down hills is a good idea. This gives you the chance to become acquainted with its brakes and clutch, both essential elements for safe riding. Practice on gentle slopes before progressing to steeper ones as your confidence grows.

Distracted riding on the road can be highly hazardous to both motorcyclists and car drivers alike. To stay safe, all attention must be given to driving rather than looking down at your phone screen or scrolling social media feeds. Focusing entirely on the road will keep you alert while decreasing risks such as accidents or injuries.

Riding Defensively

As a new motorcyclist, it is imperative to ride defensively to prevent accidents from happening. Accidents can result in severe injuries such as brain trauma, spinal cord damage, fractures, or paralysis, which could leave you permanently disabled.

Defensive riding means continuously inspecting mirrors and your surroundings to predict other road users’ movements, anticipate traffic patterns, and maintain an appropriate speed to give yourself ample time to react quickly to changes in your environment if something unexpected occurs. Doing this will prevent an impulsive motorist’s sudden reactions from turning into collisions with your motorcycle.

Motorcycle riders new to the road often make the mistake of assuming other drivers can see them. However, this is often not true when dealing with drivers of larger vehicles such as SUVs or pickup trucks – these can often have blind spots that their rearview mirror won’t reveal; therefore, it is vitally important that when passing or pulling up to stoplights, you check these areas regularly to make sure other road users can see you!

Other contributing factors may include tinted windows, headlights that don’t adjust correctly, and dirty windshields; all these elements can create the impression that bikers don’t exist at all – this is particularly dangerous when drivers become distracted; if a motorist’s eyes wander off of the road without looking back or they pass without looking back again, then it may be a good time to signal them or flashlights as soon as possible.

One way to enhance your visibility on the road is to purchase a bike equipped with triple headlights that create a distinguishing appearance and help other road users locate you quickly. Reflective material on your bike may also add visibility; defensive driving courses or other motorcyclist training courses may help riders understand the importance of anticipating other drivers’ actions and taking proactive measures at intersections to safeguard themselves against harm.

Riding at Intersections

Intersections pose the greatest danger to novice riders. These intersections could include any junction between busy streets, driveways on residential streets, or anywhere where traffic intersects your path of travel. Over half of motorcycle/car accidents at intersections involve vehicles turning left in front of riders – so it is vitally important that when approaching these areas, you take caution, slow down, and keep a safe distance between you and them.

Beginner motorcycles should be simple to handle and feature low seat height. You should consider city and highway riding when searching for your ideal ride, along with any potential terrain differences such as street or dirt surfaces and features like windshields, luggage racks, or protection equipment that might make your experience more comfortable.

Cruisers are the iconic motorcycles that most people think of when they think “motorcycle.” Featuring an ergonomic riding position and various engine sizes, cruisers are often considered ideal first motorcycles for beginners. However because their design does not accommodate high-performance situations or conditions, this may not be an optimal option for novice riders.

Sport bikes provide speed and agility but may not be suitable for beginners. Leaning forward slightly and equipped with powerful brakes and high-powered engines, sport bikes allow riders to accelerate quickly.

Street bikes and roadster motorcycles are ideal for beginning riders because they are explicitly designed to handle city and highway riding while providing a comfortable sitting position. Their engines range in size, making them easier to control than sport bikes while having less power output overall. Plus, these motorcycles usually come without bodywork for even further savings!

The Honda Rebel 300 is an affordable entry-level bike with easy handling and an attractive price. Equipped with a 250cc engine, its 250cc capacity makes for city and highway riding. For more torque, consider the Yamaha MT-03 or Triumph Street Twin; both bikes have enough power for beginners without being intimidating.

Riding on the Right Side of the Road

Many riders are drawn to long-forked chopper bikes or high-powered sports bikes as their first motorcycle, but beginners will benefit most from starting on an entry-level model. While your choice of vehicle will shape how you interact with motorcycling, your skills determine how enjoyable and safe motorcycling truly becomes for you.

Street bikes or roadster motorcycles can be excellent choices. These motorcycles typically feature large engines but are optimized for urban riding and short-term travel. They feature upright seating positions with minimal fairings (often called “naked”) that make them easy to ride and control.

If you prefer something sportier, the Honda CBR 125 is one of our go-to beginner motorcycles. This racing replica looks motorcycle features an economical 125cc engine that won’t overwhelm first-time riders. Plus, its light weight means getting used to riding without becoming overwhelmed!

Suzuki GSX250R motorcycles make an excellent option for beginners looking for their first street motorcycle experience, offering linear power delivery that makes riding easier for riders of any skill level. Their 248cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine can reach 100 Kph in under 9 seconds with only 291 lbs (122.5 kg).

Among cruisers, Harley Davidson Street 500 or Indian Scout Sixty models offer low seat heights, making them perfect for beginners to sit on and ride comfortably. Their entry-level 500cc engines also make these bikes feel less intimidating for newcomers to the road; over time, you will realize if it is your ideal match.