How To Find A Perfect Gift For A Housewarming Party

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Moving to a new place is often a very big step in anyone’s life, and they might want their friends and family around to celebrate it. If you’ve just learned that someone you know has just taken this step, it might be time to start figuring out what the housewarming present is going to be.

On this occasion, you might want to give the host of the party something for their new home. Moving is hard, so you can also consider something that eases their stress a little – like a gift card for a spa day.

In case you’re still looking for some good suggestions, keep reading for some ideas for unique home gifts.


Indoor Plants

One of the biggest challenges someone would face when moving to a new place is in making the place feel like home. When you’re still not used to it, you can have a hard time feeling comfortable – especially if you haven’t finished unpacking yet.

Decorating your space with plants and nature helps in this, and houseplants are a very popular form of decor anyway. This is also why they’re a pretty popular housewarming present. Depending on how much you know about your friend’s place, you can give them a succulent or something prettier, like Christmas cactus that blooms in the winters, or hydrangea.

Scented Candles

unique home gifts

There’s nothing that speaks comfort like a scented candle. This present is especially great for someone who is used to their home smelling a certain way or is a fan of scented candles, but hasn’t had the chance to buy some for the new place due to their recent move.

Even if they’re not crazy about scents, they will appreciate a gift that could make them feel more comfortable while they settle in.


Wine is one of the most popular housewarming presents, and it hardly ever is a disappointment for the hosts. You can accompany the wine with wine glasses or a corkscrew too.

While it’s popular, picking out the right wine for your hosts is a whole other matter. You don’t want something that’s too common or easy to find, which is why you should opt to go to a wine shop and ask about what’s new instead of going to a grocery store. If you already know what your host likes, opt for that instead.

In case you’re buying something without knowing what they like, opt for something you already know tastes good.

Wall Art

Yet another kind of home decor, a gift of wall art can be as personal as you want and as grand as you want it to be. Either make something yourself like some glass pressed flowers or a painting, or order something online.

If you know about the host’s likes, dislikes, and interests, be sure to incorporate them into your present. For example, get them a poster for one of their favorite movies or comics. Or you can buy art prints from one of their favorite artists for their home as well, and give them to them all framed and ready to go up on the wall.

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