How to clean fridge- do you know that?

How to clean fridge


In this blog, we will mention how to clean fridge in the best possible way. There is no doubt that a fridge can be considered to be the focus of the kitchen. It is a fact that you will use this appliance very frequently while working in the kitchen and it will be subject to lots of abuse as well. However, sometimes the refrigerator can emit an unpleasant smell because of various reasons. Therefore, it will be a good idea to clean the fridge from time to time so that it appears clean and shiny, and free from any smell once again.

Make the fridge empty

Your fridge can resemble a messy closet, and the first step while cleaning it will be to make it absolutely empty. Get rid of all the food items inside the fridge before placing them on the counter. Make it a point to place the most perishable food items within an ice cooler while working in case you are concerned about them getting spoiled.

Check the drip pan

There is a drip pan within certain refrigerator models at present for the purpose of gathering condensation from the appliance. Make use of a flashlight to find the exact position of the drip pan after removing the grill from the fridge. It’ll be positioned above the condenser coils.

It will be a sensible idea to put on gloves since it is possible for drip pans to become moldy in the long run. Clean the drip pan comprehensively after removing it, and then replace it. It might be advisable for you to make use of bleach. Make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer in case you are in doubt. Dry the front grill and the drip pan and replace them.

Get rid of the dryers and shelves

Take out every removable shelf and drawer and put them aside. Although it will be a good idea to wash shelves and drawers made of plastic or metal with hot water instantly, it’ll be imperative to warm up the ceramic and glass pieces gradually to room temperature before washing them with hot water for preventing breaking or cracking.

how to clean fridge
how to clean fridge

Wipe down the interior of the fridge

Make use of a clean cloth with mild dish soap and hot water. Work slowly from top to bottom so that there is no dripping on the surfaces which are already clean. A plastic scrubber might be required for any tough stuck-on spill although you have another option of placing a warm moist cloth for several minutes over the spilled region. In this way, it’ll be possible to make the spilled area softer as well as simpler to clean.

While cleaning, rinse the clothes that are used by you comprehensively or you may also use several clothes to clean comprehensively. Try to focus on the rear part of the fridge and the bottom crevices where there is a possibility for the spills to migrate. Lastly, bear in mind to clean the interior doors.

Clean the drawers and the shelves

After the drawers and the shelves have become warmed up slowly, invest some time in cleaning and drying them comprehensively. However, you need to be careful while handling glass shelving which can be slippery. It may be possible to prevent breakage with the usage of dishwashing gloves.

Make the interior of the refrigerator dry

Clean the internal part of the fridge with the help of a dry and clean cloth so that it becomes completely dry. However, make sure to dry the internal door too.

how to clean fridge
how to clean fridge

Replace the food items

Now it is time to place the food items back into the fridge. Also, it is the perfect time to clean any containers or jars of food items in case it is needed. Make sure to clean the containers of the food items using clean cloths and dry them comprehensively.

Clean the external part of the fridge

Lastly, make it a point to clean the external part of the fridge starting from the top using warm water along with mild dish soap. In case the fridge is made of stainless steel, it’ll be advisable to use a soft rag as well as vinegar to maintain the shine on the surface. Moreover, use warm water and dish soap to clean the door’s rubber gasket seal. It is possible for grime and dirt to accumulate here causing the seal to break.