How to Choose the Best Disc Golf Bag


A practical disc golf bag is essential to your disc game and should consider several factors: size, comfort, durability, and more.

This backpack-style disc bag comes equipped with features such as a pencil holder, putter pocket, towel clip, and zippered phone/wallet pocket for convenient phone/wallet storage. Furthermore, its light design makes long games much easier on your shoulders!


Ensure that the bag you purchase provides enough storage space to accommodate all your discs without overcrowding them, mainly if playing with multiple people at once. An ideal option would be a large backpack with several compartments and pockets to keep discs organized and lightweight to carry long distances quickly.

The best disc golf bags come in various sizes and styles. Choose the one that best meets your personal preferences. If you prefer backpacks, look for padded straps that won’t put undue strain on your shoulders and back. Likewise, choosing one equipped with a water bottle holder will help ensure you stay hydrated throughout your round.

This disc bag is the ideal solution for beginner or casual players who do not require many discs. The main compartment features dividers to separate your different discs and prevent them from mixing, and there is an additional front pocket specifically for larger discs and putters. Its comfortable shoulder strap and drawstring water bottle holder can fit most 32oz bottles perfectly!

Innova’s Cadet bag is a compact yet sturdy carryall capable of holding 18 discs in its main compartment and six more discs in the upper pocket. It also features a two-section top pocket to store towels, clothes, or any small items you might need while playing golf. Made of waterproof rain-repellent nylon with padded straps and a back panel to provide comfort even on long walks between holes; additionally, features include a small accessory pocket and an adjustable water bottle holder that you can customize according to your beverage of choice!


The top disc golf bags should be ergonomic and won’t leave you with painful sweat marks or backache after long walks on the course. Furthermore, they should make it easy to access your discs and other gear – some even feature padded sling belts so you can sling your bag over one shoulder or wear it around your waist to maximize enjoyment! These features are sure to enhance any round.

Size is another crucial consideration, with options ranging from small bags designed to hold just a few discs to more extensive backpack-style options that house up to 25 or more discs and accessories. Some packs even offer zippered pockets explicitly designed to keep small items like keys and wallets organized – helping prevent loss while playing!

A water bottle holder is an essential feature to look for in a disc golf bag, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout each round. A good water bottle holder should also be roomy enough to accommodate different bottle sizes; some bags offer mini pockets where other accessories, such as towels and Bluetooth speakers, can be stored safely.

Consider your disc needs and the length of your rounds when choosing a disc golf bag. Consider whether you require additional accessories like towels, water bottles, or snacks, and select one with enough storage capacity. Finally, invest in a durable yet lightweight bag to last you over time.


Durability is paramount in disc golf bag selection, performance, and lifespan. As your bag will be subject to extreme conditions such as rainy or rough terrains, choose durable materials with lasting wear resistance that can withstand wear and tear while remaining long-lasting. Water-proof bags may also help.

This durable disc bag made from 600D Cordura nylon material is an excellent choice for beginner and seasoned players. With room for 18 discs in its main compartment, four additional units in an additional pocket, a side accessory pocket to store small belongings, and a bottle holder capable of holding two 32-oz bottles, it makes an excellent companion on every golf trip.

With its padded back panel and straps, this backpack provides comfortable carrying even during long games. The Voyager Lite is 25% lighter than its original version, quickly holding up to 20 discs. Furthermore, its towel clip, pencil holder, and zippered phone/wallet pocket provide added convenience; plus, its sturdy base and plastic feet ensure it stands up against harsh environments.

Pouch bags are ideal for new players who require minimal and compact solutions for carrying their discs and equipment. Conveniently carried with its sling-style strap, its design will prevent your discs from flying out of their pockets. Most pouch bags offer enough room to store water bottles and scorecards. More experienced players should avoid sling-style pouch bags due to their limited capacity to hold all their discs.


Disc golf bags with multiple storage solutions are optimal for disc golfers. These bags provide enough room to store all equipment, including discs and water bottles, while featuring convenient pockets to hold other items, such as water bottles. Some models even include cooler bags to keep drinks cool during play!

Star Frame’s Brick Bag is an ideal option for disc golfers seeking ample storage and features, including adjustable sternum straps and back padding to provide comfortable carrying. Plus, this affordable option features a spacious cooler compartment equipped with PEVA insulation lining! It’s a perfect starter or starter-out bag option.

Hand-eye Supply Co’s Mission Rig bag offers another excellent option for disc golfers: its spacious main compartment can hold up to 18 discs while featuring a removable lightweight divider to keep everything organized, plus a putter pocket and side zippered pockets that offer additional storage of smaller items.

This bag is constructed of durable yet strong material to withstand wear and tear and features padded straps and back panels for comfortable carrying during longer rounds of disc golf. Furthermore, there are multiple small storage spaces, a more excellent section to keep drinks cold, as well as a convenient mesh and zippered hydration pocket – and for your added convenience, there is also an adjustable shoulder strap that can be detached to use the bag as a backpack should desired.

Water Bottle Holder

Water bottles are essential when playing disc golf, so look for bags with built-in holders. Also, ensure your bag provides space for accessories like disc retrievers and towels – larger bags may be better suited if carrying lots of discs; otherwise, a smaller option might suffice.

Athletico’s Power Shot backpack is ideal for those who enjoy bags but find them too heavy or oversized for everyday use. Crafted from rain-resistant polyester for durability and ergonomic padded back support for ease of carry, the bag boasts enough storage capacity to hold 20 discs, while its water bottle holder insulated to keep drinks cold is the cherry on top!

For golfers seeking a backpack with ample storage, the DD Fusion Elite is an excellent option. Equipped with dual side coolers that can hold up to 25 discs and an easily removable metal seat for long days on the course, this durable product comes complete with a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

The Innova Infinite Easy Bag is another great option, featuring a spacious main compartment and individual pockets for discs and accessories. Contoured for comfort and convenient carrying, its 1-year warranty ensures it won’t break the bank on new bags either! Plus, it comes in various colors, so you can find one to suit your style!