How To Choose A Painting Contractor?


Whether your painting project is for detailed interior painting work or repainting your entire property, you will always want to work with reliable and experienced painters that do the job right the first time. But because there are many painting companies and contractors in the market, it can be challenging to find one that fits your project needs and personal preferences. And to avoid confusion, the best thing is to hire painting contractors from an established and thriving painting company like Surepaint.

The advantage of hiring a painting contractor from an established company is that your project will be in the hands of dynamic, experienced, and dedicated painters. And these professionals combine their skills, passion, and talent to provide satisfying results the first time, regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial property. But more importantly, even when you know where to hire your contractor, ensure to consider the following factors to help choose the best.

The Nature Of Your Project

Regardless of your preferences and the results you want after the painters finish the job, the nature of your work determines whether or not the property needs prep work. Painting prep work is vital for surface preparation, and when done correctly, it allows the paint to stick and adhere perfectly. In addition, painting preparation offers clean and smooth surfaces that make it effortless to know if the color is the suitable quality for the property or not. It also leaves the walls and other spaces with even finishes and a smooth appearance that allows painters to spread the paint evenly, which can also help identify wall cracks, especially those that come out when the color fails to spread as evenly as expected.

So, to know if the contractor you want to hire has the right expertise for the results you want, determine if they do prep work before starting the actual painting job. For instance, you can ask if they powerwash the surfaces or have other methods for cleaning and removing chips before painting. This way, you get satisfying results and prevent the paint from fading and losing its luster within the shortest time possible.

Your Budget

Your painting project’s budget determines the type of paint the contractor comes with and even the level of expertise deployed to you. For example, contractors will need to know if your budget requires them to carry primers or come with the paint alone. And the same is also determined by the actual nature of your project. If it’s a complete and a new project for aesthetic purposes, the contractor looks at what you pay and decides on the painting expertise for your needs. Or, if it’s a repainting project, the contractor may or may not come with painting primers depending on your ability to pay them. In addition, exterior and interior surfaces also have different charges. For instance, most contractors will charge you more for exterior surfaces, including concrete blocks, vinyl shutters, and bricks. At the same time, interior surfaces, including tiles, drywalls, and laminate counters, also require specified budgets for the best results.

Also, tiles contain too much traffic and will need paint that effortlessly helps them have the decorative appearance you want. You will then need the contractor to add primers before the actual color. Primers are the base coat painters use to treat the surface before applying the topcoats. And when done correctly, primers help the paint perfectly adhere and stick, allowing it to last longer. As a result, this will need a better budget than when you don’t need primers.

The Contractor’s Working Plan

The contractor’s working plan entails everything the painters use from the start to the finish of your project. It includes offering written proposals, estimating and evaluating the project and surfaces to be painted, and determining the actual charges. In addition, the plan also entails features that help you get a picture of the expected results and determine if it’s what you want or not. For instance, they will inform you about using primers or not and let you know the results to expect if they use premiers. This way, it can help you put the project on hold to add to your budget or allow them to continue if you agree with the expected results.

The Contractor’s Recommendations and Reviews

Like in other fields, the results from your painting project are determined by what others say about a particular painting contractor. Those with positive reviews and testimonials from their previous clients indicate they deliver satisfying results the first time. So, before hiring a contractor, ask for recommendations about them.

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