How to Choose a Bike Under a Budget?

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When considering buying a new bike, the first thing a person should consider is its purpose, i.e., the nature of riding he is planning to do. Whether he is going to commute daily between his home and office or does he need a mountain bike to explore off-road terrains with his friends determines the most of his decision. When buying a new bicycle, the model must not get outdated within a few months. Look for durable structure and precise customer feedback.

Budget Bike Buying Tips

  • Notice the frame: Bikes are flexible. You can upgrade them as many times you want after buying them once. But we do not recommend you compromise on the wrong frame to acquire better components. This is because modifying the frame later on makes no sense as it will cost you almost as much as a new bicycle itself. There is also another reason behind going for a relatively expensive frame, i.e., most of the components are not cross-compatible.
  • Also, while configuring a bike, it is wiser to select aluminum components over their carbon counterparts. They make the bike heavier yet more durable and will protect the body from physical damage for a more extended period. The wheels should be more comprehensive if you are planning for extended off-road travel. Otherwise, narrow wheels suit the best road bikes.
  • Consider renting or buying second hand: Many companies operate across the online e-commerce market through which you can have bikes on rent Pune. This is the best option for those who have shifted from another town recently and are living in Pune for a job or study. They don’t need to put themselves in hassle each day by boarding public transport and can easily commute to their destination at a cheap rate.

Bike rentals in Pune provide you with two-wheelers whenever and wherever you want. If you consider going outstation, you need to inform them to collect your bike and continue using it when you return; there’s no need to find a garage.

Buying a second-hand bike remains a traditional option, but it has many disadvantages. The most sought-after problem is the primary owner can make a fool out of you by selling the bike at a much higher price than its actual market worth, whereas it is super convenient to rent bikes in Pune at a commercial, affordable rate. Daily rentals can be as cheap as Rs. 299.

  • Assess bike fit: It is recommended to get wider wheels if the frame looks too narrow for your body. This is a recommended solution as bikers face this situation while trying to go for a budget bike. Also, the same problem crops up when buying a second-hand bike. This should be fixed as the rider’s position on the bike is to be perfect before anything, especially before spending on accessories.


Buying ideal tools and kits becomes a challenge for those who have begun with a strict budget. While saving, one must plan to arrange money for at least a helmet and one pair of cycling shorts. These are bare essentials. If you can manage to purchase a puncture repair kit, the budget bike buying process will eventually end up a success. We recommend you to visit a bike shop and talk to experts if you’re still confused about how to buy a bike under budget in Pune.

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