How to begin A Computer Support Business


Establishing a computer support business is usually something that, with some experience along with training, almost anyone can do. Being a person owning an independent computer system support business as well as an internet site to help others that assist home users, I thought it could be nice to point out the steps had to start a business helping netbook users as well as some of the knowledge needed to get started.

There are several steps to getting the business started.

Business License

Every area is unique, but the legal aspect is essential and lends believability to your business. Get your company license and insurance coverage if something goes wrong, like lost company data that gets fastened on you.

Business cards

Of course, you will need some calling cards. I know a small businessman who else, years back, worked out that his business increased by $1 per month for every business card he gave out. Visit Staples or Office lager as they have low prices, about 500 or 1000 credit cards with some customization.


The majority of your business will come from flyers that you post up in numerous places. Put up flyers whenever we can. I have gone to supermarkets and bulletin boards at large businesses along with small and Real Estate and home loan offices. Your best success will be in offices where many self-employed people work with their primary computer at home not supported at their function.

Computer software

There is no way to do this. Over time you will find excellent software programs for diagnosing problems and for fixing issues. Two of my favorite CDs for support would be the Ultimate Boot Disk along with the Windows Ultimate Boot Hard drive. Both of these are free CDs to download and include a great many bits of freeware that will help you out. Both of these Cds are self-booting, which is nice, but you could also create a disk over time with the software you can run correctly out of Windows.


A website is critical. You do not need something truly slick, but you do need a website for marketing to ensure people can contact you or maybe direct others to contact anyone. The basic info on the site needs to be your email, phone number, companies you offer, and perhaps some sort of menu of services you offer. You will find that you do not ought to prove how much better you will be than everyone else because testimonials can move very quickly.

In addition, some skills are of essential to have to get your business started:

Good windows skills

This can not possibly be overstated. The person that has a good knowledge of how the various parts involving Windows work is the one who can diagnose and fix their xbox fastest. Although you want to have a lot of billable hours, you wish to be sure that you are not fiddling all around looking for a fix, as your consumers will lose confidence in your potential, and you will feel bad about having so long to fix a problem. Get caught up with great message boards like the versions at, as well as some others that have a lot of fixes. It is also essential to know the Windows footwear process and how the local class policy works. I loathe to say it, but I possess learned more from promoting my mom’s computer in recent times for free than I have discovered from my machines simply because she is not nearly because careful as I am in operating a computer. Remember that the majority of users are not going to have any idea how their pc broke, so your prying questions are often better than simply diving straight in as well as troubleshooting. Lastly, know what each of the processes does on an operating PC and have a good natural feel for what to make of mistakes in the error logs from the machine; these are always priceless. You can get diagnosis of errors through the records at

Pathogen knowledge

Keep up with the latest infections and how they are affecting computer systems. A few viruses account for a significant percentage of the bacterial infections out there. Once you separate how a virus has wreaked havoc, the faster you will get rid of it and get the device up and running correctly again. I use and the Internet Surprise Center for this kind of info. When you get a customer set up with anti-virus look for a favorite like Norton or maybe McAfee instead of a free trojan scanner so that the user is short of you to blame if they receive reinfected by viruses. Employ reasonable quality control by creating a real upgrade and regular scan schedule based on the owner’s computer habits.

Spyware expertise

This is a really tough single. I keep up with spyware by searching on the net and trying to discover the resources that people are using to remove spyware. Also, as you employ products, especially free versions for fixing PCs similar to adaware or Spybot you might have an excellent chance to see exactly who is getting infected routinely. I used to see Bonzi mate a lot, but now it is far more aggressive spyware that pushes you to fix in harmless mode as you lose your own personal regedit. Whenever you are getting a person up and running, though, it is an ideal practice to have them employ Spyware Nuker or another one of the pay products instead. While then, you do not have to worry about becoming the only point of failure if a computer gets reinfected.

Registry knowledge

No one desires you to know the registry within and out, but make sure that you are very proficient using the current user and local device hives of the registry because that is the most customizable part of the registry. Also, pay attention to keys affected by numerous spyware and viruses. Frequently I will find unasked-about extras in the filesystem, which stop me from utilizing the regedit command. Still, We have had luck using regedt32 or going into the computer registry from safe mode. Once again, the better you know the computer registry, the better off you will be whenever fixing problems.

Hardware information

I have an A+ accreditation from years back, and I am confident that this gave me an excellent grounding as hardware has changed through the years. You have to be able to build a PC from the beginning as this will provide you with knowledge of every component of the computer and teach you about BIOS upgrades and motorists and where to find them. Many sites on the internet specialize in every element of a PC. This Google will be your best bet to get finding information. Another excellent learning resource is Maximum PC which always has up-to-the-minute news with cutting-edge hardware and programs. A couple of good sites I always frequent are and

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest announcement

This one should go without telling. One of the best ways to start a day with my eyes is to use my Maxthon browser add-on (I learn I should have converted to Internet explorer already, but no, My partner and I haven’t! ) and available


One thing that I include only touched on thus far is marketing. After you have the ability down, the most important thing you can do is market your business. There are a few stuff besides flyers. You can do stealthy, surreptitious things like leave a couple of memory cards at the local bookstore inside the computer section, send help support type articles to the neighborhood newspaper and hope to make them published, and finally strike up laptop or computer conversations in the line within the local grocery store. In the considerably more mainstream marketing methods, you should be a part of the local chamber of the business sector, volunteer to do computer work together with local charities, put adverts in any local newspapers, specifically the free ones, and stay sure to get together with other folks in the industry

Bill Nadraszky is a computer tech support tech and runs a website for anyone supporting home and enterprise users at Computer Technical Tips.

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