How to Avoid Plagiarism- Tips for Students

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Writing assignments, research papers, or academic papers has always been a matter of trouble to many students in academics or college. Students start plagiarism instead of doing hard work and completing their research papers or assignment most of the time. Plagiarism is a practice where one represents somebody else’s work or any other author’s work, idea, language, thoughts, and literature as his own, which is not right. Students are given such assignments, research papers, or academic papers to enhance their thinking power, literary capabilities, and creativity to transform their thoughts into a properly written article under which facts are represented properly with the help of proper grammar and without using plagiarism. These activities save students from mugging up and inspire them to become smart students. Such practical activities also increase the vocabulary level of students when they have to write their research/academic paper or assignment that too in their own words then to express their feelings and thoughts. Students start using more and more decorative words and new words to make their writing as effective as they can.

The best method for students to write their papers is to use their imagination and creativity. This becomes a part of their study, and later they benefit from it in their career. To avoid plagiarism, the most effective method is paraphrasing because ideas or thoughts can be limited, but words are unlimited, and representation styles can also be different. It is like you can take help in matters of ideas, and also you can mention sources if you are stating facts or surveys but should not steal the words, sentences, or paragraphs of somebody’s hard work. That is unethical. While paraphrasing, the student should create his sentences with the help of some new words on the idea he has taken. Everybody learns something from somebody, and a student should always remember. So instead of opting for some unethical method, a student should use all his creativity and potential to write. This way, he can draw the best out of himself.

Another way of avoiding plagiarism is the use of quotations. Quotes should be used to specify the sentences taken from another writer, and there should be no change in the quotations taken from the source. Sometimes quotes are so good that they need to be included in the writing to consist of them but with complete respect by mentioning its details like source & author’s name. Most of the time, even in schools and colleges, quotes for students are written on walls or in halls. These quotes for students are taken from some great scholars, so beneath the sections, their names and identity are also kept written to pay respect to them.

Many research papers in schools or colleges that are quite different from core literary subjects need facts and surveys to be represented according to the topic. Science research papers need a lot of acts and surveys. In such pieces where a student has less experience, one must mention some facts taken from books and the internet. Then a student can use self-plagiarism, which means he/she should check his paper themself to avoid plagiarism and cite the material mentioned in the article if it is not their own but taken from somewhere else or from their previous paper. Test results performed in Physics, Chemistry, or Biology under science experiments need not be mentioned because they are fresh content derived from experiments.

The induction of LMS portals has played a good role in controlling it. LMS portals take the help of technology and plagiarism checking tools to detect such cheating if students try to do and reject their research paper and deduct their marks during e-learning. This fear also makes students stay away from such misconduct.

Students should apply a few more things to stay away from plagiarism. They can give themselves more time to write a paper by completing it at the correct time instead of writing it at the last moment of the deadline. Students should understand the topic with the help of a tutor and books and then write instead of copy-paste. Instead of copying material from a book or the internet as written there, students should use their insights, imagination, and creativity. Student life is a path of learning and enhancing the skillset, so students should grab this opportunity to perform new things and avoid using unethical means to win. This hard and smart work principal boosts up the life and career of a student’s whole life.

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