How Groomer Should Look for If Health Checking a Dog

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Wellbeing Checking by Groomers

Puppy groomers often have the chance to perform a health check on a dog and may also help provide an early prognosis of things that can get worse. It is always important to remember that anyone with a qualified vet. Although you may use a good idea of what is wrong you should recommend that owners seek a new vet’s advice.

The items of this article cover unit several of City & Guilds Level 3 Dog Brushing


Ear Exam and Cleaning

Most puppies end up with dirty ears and also this can easily be addressed by using baby/dog ear wipes or a great ear cleanser and natural cotton wool.

Particular problems to check out for are.

Extremely hairy ears

· Could cause a lot of ears to feel to build-up

· Makes it hard to administer ear cleanser or perhaps ear drops


· Trim the ears having scissors

· Pluck employing Groomers Ear Powder in addition to tweezers/ fingers

Very crimson ears or sore the ears

· Can be a sign of ear infection


· Start using a Ph balanced ear shampoo and gently clean having cotton wool

· Forewarning the owner of the problem, in addition, to suggest that a trip to the vets may be necessary.

Smelly Ears/ Discharge

· Can be a warning of an ear infection


· Use a pH-balanced head wash and gently clean up with cotton wool

· Alert the owner of the challenge and suggest that a trip too often the vets may be necessary.

Dinged Ears/ Red spots in ears

· Can be a signal of fleas, ear bugs or other parasites.


· Check for any indications of parasites

· Use flea shampoo/ flea comb

· Alert owner that doggy will need treatment and to get redirected, vet

· Make sure that the particular groom area and tools are thoroughly cleaned before brushing the next dog

Nose Proper care

Generally, you don’t have to worry about very clear nose discharge in puppies unless it lingers as well as there are other symptoms. However, a launch that’s cloudy, yellow, environmentally friendly, or smelly is always a cause of concern.

The discharge could be a warning of: –

· Signs and symptoms

· Blockage

· Infections

· Polyps and Tumours

Eye Care

Examination of often the eyes is important. Many pets will have a sleep launch. This can be kept to a minimum by means of trimming around the eyes. Clean-up with a baby or puppy eye wipe should eliminate the discharge. If there has become a 2010 particularly bad build-up surrounding the eyes, it may be helpful to bathe this when in the bathroom to soften and then utilize wipes.

Problems you should be seeking when checking the eyes of a pup are

· Do they appear different in any way?

· Exists any puss or produce?

· Cloudy eyes?

· Red around the Iris?

All these could be signs of infection or maybe other problems. The owner needs to be notified and you suggest that they may take them to the vet for a thorough examination.

Mouth Treatment

Check the mouth for swelling, gum infections, tartar build-up, tenderness, loss of teeth and smelly breath.

Teeth can be cleaned having a toothbrush and dog toothpaste or dog dental baby wipes. There are numerous products available for smelly breath which you may wish to recommend to the owner.

For heavy increase of tartar or any various other problems regarding the mouth, visiting the vets should be encouraged to the owner.

Cysts, mounds and bumps.

Many pups will have cysts and lumps along with bumps especially as they age. Mainly they are harmless nevertheless can be a sign of a thing more serious.

Things to be aware of any time grooming

· Clippers can reduce the head of small cysts. Go gently around/ more than them with clippers.

· In some instances, you may not be aware of the cyst until you cut through the hair and cut it unintentionally. In this case, stop the loss of blood with Trimmex and 100 % cotton bud. Reassure the dog.

· Be careful when towel drying out as this can knock your head off a cyst.

· Many homeowners will probably be already aware of protuberances and bumps, but you ought to point them out in situations they wish to get it checked with a vet.

Mammary Line as well as Genital Area.

The mammary line runs along the upper body between the nipples. This area and also the genital area should be examined for lumps as they could be more serious than in any other place.

Also, check the genital places for any discharge, swelling or maybe abnormalities.

Bitch in Time

Having a bitch in time can pose problems in a doggie grooming parlour. Normally an owner would avoid obtaining their bitch groomed during this period or at least warn you if they drop them off.

Symptoms of a bitch in time

· Enlarged Vulva

· Vulva Spotting

· Enjoyment in male dogs

If you carry out have a bitch in time in the salon, keep your ex separate from male pups. Should any unplanned pairing occur, inform the owner to adopt the dog to the vet whenever they do not want any upkeep puppies.

It may also be needed to keep male dogs individual to prevent fighting.

Rectal Region and Tail

Check for any kind of swelling, discharge or malocclusions.

A swollen bottom might mean that the anal boucles need emptying. Normally the actual glands discharge a bit of liquid when the dog toilets. However, sometimes the glands are not able to empty or empty sufficient and lead to a build-up which may be uncomfortable, leak at bothersome times or become influenced and infected.

Signs of perineal gland problems.

· Transferring bottom along the floor

· Strong fishy smell caused by dog

· Swollen butt area

· Trying to attack the bottom

Some dog groomers offer to squeeze butt glands or it can be done with the vets.

Paws and Paws

To ensure the comfort of a doggie paws and claws need to be checked.

Things to be aware of any time grooming

· Claws could grow so long that they will commence to curl and grow into the dog. This causes serious discomfort. This can be a particular issue with dew claws that are not necessarily ground down. Not all canines will need their claws trimmed but you should examine all of them and if a clip is essential, do this at the start of the bridegroom after excess fur continues to be cleared away.

· This may be necessary to make a get bleed or you may unintentionally cut the quick. In such a circumstance apply Trimmex coagulant. Whether it is a particularly bad bleed advise the owner and give them a couple of Trimmex to apply as swelling can occur again if struck.

· Paws should be inspected for matting in between these pads and toes and healed out with clippers as well as scissors. Matting between the topper and toes can be uncomfortable for dogs and can make skin sore.

· Your lawn seeds can cause problems and might be the cause of matting. Check involving the pads and toes although trimming. If any turf seeds are stuck inside the dog, remove them with tweezers. Advise the owner of what you have inked and recommend that they utilize antiseptic cream or retain an eye on it in order that it doesn’t go septic.


An ectoparasite is a vermine that lives on the outside of the particular dog’s body rather than internally.

Common types are

· Fleas – can be recently seen with the naked vision as well as their faeces. Many people jump from host to help host. They can cause discomfort in dogs due to biting and also in humans. Flea scrub can be administered at the stop your puppy biting parlour, but the owner should likewise be advised to buy a robust flea treatment from their vets, as the treatment only may last for one month and the flea spiral is 6 weeks your adorable puppy should have the treatment at least 2 times.

If the dog has fleas make sure all equipment and also grooming area is cleaned out before moving on to one more dog. Flea bombs can easily protect your parlour for 3-6 months from fleas. Also regularly using a Teas Tree Shampoo in your parlour not only soothes any dog’s skin that has been groomed, but fleas also do not like Tea Trees consequently can prevent cross disease in your parlour.

· Bugs – can’t be seen by the naked eye. Signs of head mites are little crimson dots on the ears along with the dog constantly scratching all their ears. Another common dolce is one that causes mange. Watch out for alopecia and skin lesions on the skin. Mites will need to be addressed by the vet. Again ensure that grooming equipment and place are thoroughly cleaned in the event you suspect that you have had 14 with mites.

· Clicks – look like grey real estate. They have a very small head they will burrow into their host and the body gets bigger since they consume blood. They can result in some diseases and attacks. Either use a special beat removing tool that will eliminate the head (just pulling the entire body off and leaving the top will lead to infection) or perhaps advise the owner to use a just right tick solution which will destroy the ticks. They will and then die and fall off in just a few days.

Potential Problems with Method or Long Coated Puppies

Grass Seeds and Thistles can get stuck into the dog’s hair and stick into the doggy causing possible infection.

They could also cause matting.

Furthermore, dogs with long curly pelt are prone to matting if not mown regularly.

Excessive matting is the problem as it puts tension on a dog’s skin when they move which can cause body infections. It can also lead to very poor circulation.

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