How Do I Optimize My Google Business For Local SEO?


Google My Business is fast becoming a popular way of helping businesses rank and get new clients from Google. It focuses on local businesses, and with more people searching for local businesses on google than ever before, it is no surprise that many business owners are seeing the power Google My Business optimization holds.

The benefits of optimizing your Google My Business cannot be overstated. Many business owners have seen increased traffic, inquiries, and sales by doing the bare minimum in the optimization. As a result, they are quickly embracing it as one of the marketing pillars. Google my business optimization also helps in increasing engagement. Google considers many things before ranking your business, and engagement is one of these things. Better engagement also means more interaction with your clients, which can help you improve your services and overall customer satisfaction.

One thing not often discussed enough is that such SEO optimization can help you narrow your audience. On the surface, this may not look like an advantageous position to place yourself in. First of all, having a wide audience does not really translate to more sales or traffic. Sometimes narrowing your audience leads to better targeting and leads that can convert better. However, all this starts by properly optimizing your Google My Business.

Step 1: Verify Your Profile

Google My Business has a very straightforward process when it comes to verifying your business. You will send your information to Google, and they will send you a four-digit code which you will use to verify your business.

This looks like a straightforward process, but many businesses do not follow it to the letter, which can lead to your competitors claiming the profile. By verifying your business, you add more authenticity to your business in front of Google’s eyes, making it easier for you to rank.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Profile Accurately And Completely

A step that is skipped even more than verifying Google My business profiles is filling out the profile. Most people would most often just fill out the company name and phone number. And in some cases, even this information is not accurate. If your profile is not filled out accurately and completely, you may lose some authenticity with Google as they do not have enough data to understand your business better. Therefore, it is important to give as much information to Google so that you are in the best possible position to rank better.

Step 3: NAP Consistency

NAP simply means Name, Address, Phone number. While filling out your Google My Business Profile, one of the most important things is to ensure that you fill out the NAP section correctly. But do not stop there. Ensure that you use the same NAP consistently everywhere on the internet that needs this information. This includes social media, directories and any other social citations that you have.

NAP consistency ensures that Google finds the same information on any site where your contact details are displayed. The consistency adds legitimacy to your business and proves to Google that your business is where it is located and does what you say it does.

Step 4: Pick Relevant Categories

Google My business has over 4,000 categories you can choose from, which greatly helps you accurately illustrate your business. You can choose to go abroad with the categories or be niche-oriented if you are offering very particular products or services. You are able to pick one main category and 9 more secondary categories, giving you a total of 10 categories.

This is another opportunity for you to give Google as much information as possible to ensure that internet users easily and accurately find you.

Step 5: Add Good Photos And Videos

Again the more information you can give Google, the better. But with photos and videos, it is not just about the Google algorithm. Most people would not want to purchase anything from a company with no pictures or videos in its Google profile. Most often than not, people will think the business is a scam.

Use clear, high-definition videos and pictures to properly illustrate your team, business premises, and products. This gives more authenticity to the business both in web users and google’s eyes. To make this more effective, update and post photos often.

Follow this up by fully optimizing the pictures and videos with proper alt text, captions and titles, which also helps you rank for media rather than just text.

Step 6: Post On Google

Google offers you the opportunity to create posts in your google profile that both rank and are interactive. This gives you an opportunity to describe in detail what you do or offer updates about your business.

With all this in place, it is always important to get good google reviews. Reviews offer an opportunity for potential clients to see what your customers have to say about your business. Google reviews help in better ranking and help you easily see the pain point your clients experience with your business. As you can see, optimizing your Google My Business profile can greatly benefit your business and help it grow.

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