How do defective tires cause accidents?

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A defective tire on the road can cost you your life or the life of your loved one. On average, 35% of accidents happen due to drivers’ negligence towards a defect in the tire. Even a routine blowout may cause a disastrous enough accident that you might need a good car accident lawyer to pick up the remnants. 

A tire failure makes your vehicle go out of your control. There can be numerous reasons for your tire malfunctioning, leading to tire blowouts, resulting in serious car crashes. Tread separation, over, or improper inflation, inappropriate usage of old rubber, some mechanical issues & the use of defective materials cause a defect in tires.

Here are some detailed accounts of reasons that cause serious car accidents: 

Tread separation 

Tread separation is one of the most common reasons for tire blowouts. The steel reinforcement is not bonded sufficiently to the body, leading to separating the tire’s body from the tread. Such cases often happen due to negligence of the driver, as right after the installation due to excessive vibration, fault highlights.

Over or under inflation 

Inflation can cause two dangerous situations, either underinflation or overinflation. Both are dangerous when it comes to the risks of the roads. An underinflated tire can cause reduced control & increase the risk of your tire being pulled off the rim during driving. Likewise, overinflated tires have a higher risk of getting blown out as air inside is heated, substantially increasing pressure. 

Improper rubber 

If your vehicle is out of use for a long while, the sun & UV rays take their toll, drying up the tire’s walls, ultimately weakening them to their death. The situation can accelerate if the quality of rubber used in tires is inadequate as they will wear out quicker. 

Mechanical defects 

Damage to your car’s suspension & steering system can result in unintentional damage to your tire. This scenario can put extra pressure on your tire, resulting in ultimate damage if not corrected over a long period. 

Defective materials 

Cheaper materials are more prone to failure. In this type of case, the driver is not at fault. Still, the car manufacturing company indeed is, as sometimes they can install inadequate materials in the vehicle to save their manufacturing cost. 

Sometimes, the car owner allows the car repairing companies to install defective materials to pay a reduced repair amount. Hence, the car owner and the repairing company are also at fault when doing such faulty work.

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