How Did We Pick High-CBD Strains?

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Choosing the best high CBD strains from the myriad of CBD flower strains on the market can be a difficult undertaking in and of itself. You’ve got a classic case of ‘the overwhelmed shopper’ when you add in doubts about authenticity and effectiveness.

To help you navigate this problem, we’ve ranked the strains according to the quality of hemp flowers from which they’re derived. After all, a CBD strain’s strength is primarily decided by how precisely it was developed in the first place.

As a result, determining the difference between a great high-CBD strain and an above-average one necessitates a deeper examination of seeds, harvest, management, cure, and final storage of hemp flowers.

Growth Techniques

Chemicals and pesticides are used sparingly to cultivate the best hemp flowers. Instead, they practice ethical farming practices, including a commitment to sustainability.

We handpicked 100 percent natural, non-GMO CBD strains for our top 10 high-CBD strains list to offer a relaxing experience without the negative side effects.

The Cure Process

The flower must be cured slowly after harvesting to remove the terrene flavor profile effectively. A CBD strain’s optimal moisture level should be approximately 60%.

Aromas and Flavors

Another consideration in compiling our ranking was the perfume and flavor of the hemp flower. A distinct blend of scents, ranging from fruity and floral to spicy and minty, can greatly impact your experience.

We’ve handpicked just the best combinations for you to relish from the first to the last drag. Furthermore, their spicy fragrances will remain for hours, gradually but persistently increasing relaxation.


The potency or strength of CBD is quite important. You’re smoking this flower to reap its benefits, and the stronger varieties will allow you to get the most out of it. Flowers with a CBD level of 14-19% are quite strong and provide good results. However, selecting the 17-24 percent can further boost the results.

The intensity or potency of the flower and what it gives in terms of experience can also influence a dose. For example, a stronger strain might be used in fewer doses.

Third-Party Lab Verification

A lab test that verifies a strain’s high-quality status adds to its credibility. Most genuine CBD vendors will have their CBD hemp flowers analyzed by an independent or third-party lab; this ensures that a lab-tested CBD pack is free of contaminants, providing complete satisfaction and peace of mind to its purchaser.

Legal Compliance

When looking for high-CBD strains, it’s important to remember that being upfront about their laws is crucial. Our top ten strains comply with the Federal Farm Bill, limiting delta-9 THC level to 0.3 percent.

CBD Buds Buying Guide for Beginners:

Perhaps you’ve always relied on your peers to choose the best solution for you. It’s also simple to do everything on your own. Our team of specialists has listed all of the considerations that CBD newcomers should make. Continue reading!

Factors to Consider: So, how do you decide which CBD strain is the best? Considering the features indicated in the above selection criteria, consider these factors while selecting the best hemp flower!

Composition: CBD and THC are cannabinoids, although they have different properties. THC is the molecule that makes you feel high and happy, while CBD is the molecule that calms your mind and body. It also helps to reduce any negative effects that THC can have.

As a result, for beginners, you should choose a strain with the least amount of THC while maintaining the CBD percentage low.

1. Caryophyllene: Woody aroma with a spicy, mint-like sensation.

2. Pinene: Piney scent with earthy essence.

3. Humulene: Smells like wood with an earthy flavor.

4. Limonene: Fruity scent and a sweet taste.

5. Linalool: Floral aroma with a crisp, lavender-like essence.

6. Myrcene: Dampish cannabis smell with traces of mango flavor.

7. Terpinolene: Multiple aromas with a fruity and floral zest.

Effect: The entourage effect, which refers to the synergy of multiple components in a strain, is provided by CBD flowers (excluding THC). You have three alternatives for modifying this effect: Indica, Sativa, or hybrid.

Smoking: Smoking CBD strains is one of the most popular ways to consume them. You can do so with a water pipe, like a bong or a paper roll (joint), similar to a cigarette. And why isn’t it well-known? Smoking CBD flowers provide the most benefits of all the options. The CBD content of this approach quickly combines with your bloodstream, allowing you to feel the effects within 1-3 minutes.

Vaping: Even though CBD hemp flowers are grown 100% naturally, many people avoid smoking since it can harm their lungs. Look for dry herb vaporizers if you want to vape these strains on the go. Vapes are superior to smoking in keeping terpene flavor and protecting you from the smoke. When you use a vaporizer, you can also better manage the dosage.

Eating: Because CBD must activate its components completely, this will not achieve the desired results. Cooking CBD plants in oil, butter, or other similar foods is the best method to eat them. After the CBD has been thoroughly cooked, strain the remaining CBD and use the oil to prepare food.

CBD Dosage Tips

Whether you’re new to CBD strains or have been enjoying them for a while, taking precautions is always a good idea. To avoid negative consequences, read over these CBD dose guidelines for beginners.

1. CBD and THC concentration varies greatly amongst strains. Start with the simpler ones and progress from there.

2. Vaping is a good option because it produces less heat and allows you to get the most flavor. On the other hand, smoking depletes the CBD essence due to combustion, requiring you to utilize more CBD to achieve the desired effect.

3. After some time, you may develop a tolerance to CBD. As a result, you may need to raise or switch strains if you don’t receive the desired benefits with the same dose.

4. Heavier People may require a higher CBD dosage to reap the full advantages of CBD. As a result, if you’re underweight, you should start with low-CBD strains.

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