Home Remedies For Removing Rust


There are several home remedies for removing rust, including using baking soda. Mix a small amount with water to make a paste and apply it to the rusty area. Scrub the paste to remove the rust. Molasses is another helpful solution. Its high mineral content acts as a chelating agent by bonding with metal ions and causing them to dissolve. You can also use blackstrap molasses to remove rust naturally. To prepare the solution, mix ten parts of water with one of the blackstrap molasses. The solution will dissolve the rust and allow you to rinse with clean water.

abrasive tools

Abrasive tools are great tools for removing rust from metal objects. Some are flexible and can be used for a single item, while others are more effective for larger areas. Abrasive tools are also an excellent option if you don’t want to use chemicals or spend a lot of money.

The most common way to remove rust from metal is to use a chemical. One of the best chemical solutions is citric acid or oxalic acid. You can also use a washing soda spray bottle to apply this solution to the metal. Once the mixture dries, it is time to rinse off the metal.

lemon juice

Lemon juice is a powerful cleaner that removes rust from metal and clothing. It is also effective for removing rust from crumpled aluminum balls. Lemon juice contains phosphoric acid, which breaks down iron oxide into ferric phosphate, a black coating that adheres to metal. You can also find phosphoric acid in cola drinks, molasses, and naval jelly.

To start, you should mix equal parts lemon juice and salt in a bowl. This mixture doesn’t have to be exact, so add extra lemon juice if needed. Then, the lemon juice and salt mixture should be applied to the rusty item in small circular motions. The mixture should remain on the item for thirty minutes to two hours.


Salt can be a great way to remove rust from various objects. It is a natural cleaner that is safe for most metals and is acid-free so that it won’t damage the metal itself. You can use a solution of salt and vinegar to clean various items. The mixture should be applied to the area and allowed to sit for at least 12 hours. Then, use a wire brush or steel wool to scrub the rusted area.

Another way to remove rust is to apply a mixture of baking soda and salt. Using a clean cloth, this paste can be applied to rusted metal, much like toothpaste. After applying the mixture, leave the rusted metal to soak for at least an hour. Then, repeat the process as necessary to altogether remove the rust.


Ammonia is a commonly available substance used to remove rust. You can find it at most grocery stores and drugstores. It’s an excellent stain remover but can also be dangerous if inhaled. It’s best to use a cloth with an absorbent surface when applying it to a stain.

You can also apply lemon juice or coarse salt to rusty areas. Just be sure not to let the juice stay on the rust, as it can cause damage. After applying the juice, rinse the area thoroughly. You can also add a small amount of vinegar for extra strength. Another bonus: the citrus scent of the mixture will make your cleaning job smell citrusy!

baking soda

One of the easiest ways to remove rust is to apply a thin coating of baking soda. Next, you can use a small paintbrush or spatula to apply the paste to the rusted area. Afterward, you can scrub the area with steel wool or a wire brush. If necessary, repeat the process several times.

Another option to remove rust is to use vinegar and a baking soda mixture. The combination is powerful enough to remove most forms of rust. In addition, the solution does not need to be very concentrated so that you can use it for large and small objects.

Naval jelly

Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver is the original formula for rust treatment, and it is an excellent choice for removing rust and bluing from steel and metal surfaces. Its heavy-duty formula makes it ideal for heavily rusted items. It is especially effective on items made of iron or steel.

You can apply Naval Jelly using a paintbrush or an old toothbrush. Allow it to work for five to 10 minutes before wiping it off. It is essential to wear safety gear while applying it to prevent injury and exposure to fumes. If you inhale the fumes, seek medical attention immediately.