Holy Clothing Review


Holy Clothing is an ethical and Earth-friendly clothing company. Their company is based in India and ships internationally. They make each piece to order and do not overproduce to reduce the environmental impact. Employee levels have been hit hard by the pandemic. As such, you can rest assured that you are wearing clothing made with the highest quality and the highest integrity.

A hooded cape is like renaissance clothing.

The hooded cape was a piece of clothing worn by the elite in Renaissance times. It was made of expensive material, and only royalty could afford it. The cape was short, falling near the knees of petite women. Men also wore it.

Hooded capes were almost always part of an outfit during the Renaissance and were used to create an aura of status. It was also worn by royalty and nobles, and some nobles commissioned a beautiful cloak to flaunt their wealth. This garment incorporated numerous designs, fabrics, and embroidery.

There are several variations of this piece of Renaissance clothing. It is often made from fine fabric and is much shorter than a cloak. A few have enough fabric to wrap around the body, but most are narrower and don’t include a hood. They are more of an accessory than a garment worn by courtiers and upper-class nobility.

Victorian Chiffon ruffled sleeves and hem.

This Victorian-inspired chiffon ruffle top features a layered bodice, ruffled sleeves, and a curved hem. It flatters all body types and is available in 3+ day shipping. You can also choose from many colors, and this chiffon top will look stunning on any woman.