Here’s Why Investors are Betting Big on Ripple in 2022

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As the cryptocurrency scene gets bigger, attracting investors’ attention, many find it challenging to pick the best digital tokens ideal for their portfolio. While Bitcoin has ruled the crypto space ever since it was launched in 2009, many digital currencies are now trying to reach the top area, overtaking Bitcoin’s position. The year 2021 saw various cryptocurrencies perform spectacularly in the market, and XRP (Ripple’s native currency) managed to impress investors, in particular. 

Be it the wider recognition or the impressive improvement in XRP price, there’s a lot that made people pay attention to XRP or Ripple, and the same trend is expected for 2022. People have now started to understand the crypto market. They now prefer to add tokens to their portfolio that have real-world use cases. It is another reason behind the growing prominence of Ripple. If you’re a new crypto investor or have been doing it for years, you should consider including Ripple into your portfolio, as this coin has a promising future. Some of the apparent reasons that make it the best investment option for 2022 are listed below.

1 . It’s Not an Ordinary Cryptocurrency

Investors willing to make big profits from cryptocurrencies should always be picky about the coins they choose. The market currently has two broad types of crypto coins, one that serves a defined purpose and the other that doesn’t offer anything special. Ripple, fortunately, falls in the first category, i.e., coins serving a defined purpose.

Before discussing more, let’s be clear that Ripple uses its blockchain network and XRP ledgers. XRP is the native currency for its XRP ledger. People use these two terms interchangeably, so don’t get confused about XRP instead of calling it Ripple. 

2 . Ripple Solves a Massive Real-World Problem

XRP or Ripple aims to replace the current cross-border payment transfer system that is pretty slow, expensive, and tedious. With Ripple, all these problems will vanish in no time. What gave Ripple the mileage in the crypto world is its acceptance by top financial institutions and banks like American Express, Bank of America, and more. 2021 saw more prominent names partnering with Ripple, and 2022 is expected to be even bigger and better in terms of partnerships and wider acceptance. 

So if you’re up for some big wins or profits, you might want to add Ripple to your portfolio in 2022 because more big partnerships mean bigger price uptrends. You can also check the market report featuring the trend of Ripple price INR of last year or the previous few years to see how excellent this digital currency is performing consistently.    

3 . Fast & Cheaper Transactions

Another expected to draw investors to Ripple this year is its reasonable transaction fee and blazing fast transaction speed. If you’ve ever used SWIFT to make international payments, you’ll know it takes around 1-5 working days to complete the transaction, and the cost for each such transaction is significantly higher. 

But if you use Ripple, the same transaction will get completed in 2-5 seconds, which is beyond spectacular. And these transactions may cost you around 0.00001 XRP, which comes to under a penny when translated to USD. These are two primary reasons why global financial banks and financial institutions turn to Ripple. And always remember, as the number of big names using Ripple increases, so will its brand value and price. 

4 . Impressive List of Big Partners

The best part about Ripple is that hundreds of big, medium and small financial companies have signed up to use Ripple in over 40 countries. Though it is yet to match up to the levels of partners or user base owned by SWIFT, considering its year of launch, the list of partners is pretty praiseworthy. Ripple has over 300 partners, and this number is expected to skyrocket in 2022, boosting the cryptocurrency’s market value. 

American Express, Xendpay, TransferGo, Bank of America, Banco Santander, etc., are some big names signed up with Ripple. Considering it was launched in 2013, it manages to give a tough fight to SWIFT. If it continues at this pace, one can expect Ripple to reach the top charts pretty soon.

5 . Comparatively Safer Option than Various Average Coins

While there is certainly no such thing as “100% safe” or “risk-free” cryptocurrency, there is certainly a possibility to find out tokens that are less susceptible to price crashes than the various average digital currencies floating around the market, and Ripple is one such option. A quick look at last year’s Ripple price trends will show you mild to moderate price fluctuations, but never did it experience a steep crash, going way down the line. 

It can be seen as a positive, and this positive trend is expected to continue this year. So if you want to reserve some profits for this year, you might want to make some quick profits out of short-term investing in Ripple. You can also decide to hold it for long, depending on your intellect and risk appetite.

Get Ripple from Reliable Crypto Exchanges

Now that you’re fairly aware of some of the forces behind Ripple’s growing popularity and acceptance, you should get it at the earliest if you haven’t already. As Ripple is available in various top exchanges, you shouldn’t find it difficult to buy, store, or sell it off without any hassle. However, as cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, it is advised to do your due research and diligence before investing in any digital currency. An informed buying decision is always more fruitful than a decision induced by FOMO.

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