Han Solo Toy Review – Hoth


Han Solo, known for carrying an enormous bounty on his head, joined the Rebel Alliance at their base on Hoth. To survive its subzero temperatures, he donned an authentic brown quilted parka as part of his attire.

After Luke Skywalker went missing during his patrol of an icy planet, Han ventured forth in the cold in search of him. Ultimately, he discovered a Jedi stranded on a tauntaun who needed saving from certain death.

The figure

Han Solo is one of the iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise. His humorous one-liners, defiance, and sense of adventure have made him beloved through time. A rebel with a cause, Han was willing to risk everything for others’ freedom.

Han Solo had set his mind on becoming a pilot despite growing up as an unruly member of Corellia’s White Worm gang and street thief. To this end, he entered Imperial Academy, but his disloyal nature got him kicked out soon after that, later finding work as a mudtrooper on Mimban, where he met fellow miscreants Tobias Beckett and Wookie Chewbacca.

Han Solo made headlines when, under orders from Imperial forces attacking rebel bases on Hoth, he courageously risked his own life to rescue Luke Skywalker from certain death. This act earned him the moniker “Han Solo.”

Han was both an evil and heroic figure in Star Wars. His favorite pastimes included smuggling and flying; he became known as an expert pilot during his Kessel Run experience, which took only 12 parsecs! This feat remains his crowning achievement and remains his most celebrated triumph.

Hasbro’s Han Solo features an excellent sculpt that captures Harrison Ford’s likeness perfectly, with exceptional detailing. However, his paint job appears off, leaving some aspects less crisp than expected (for instance, his ammo clip being slightly too rounded), as well as colors being off by several tones.

In addition to the figure’s great sculpture, this set offers an impressive assortment of accessories. Han holds his DL-44 blaster and grappling hook from the film; additionally, there is also his thick, rubbery helmet, which fits over his head easily without much trouble.

This figure earns an Excellent rating and makes a perfect addition to Hasbro’s Hoth Rebel line-up. Han fans or those seeking to complete their Hoth rebellion set will find this piece perfect!

The paint

Han features some excellent paintwork around his face compared to his Black Series predecessor; it looks more like Harrison Ford. While not the most remarkable portrait sculpt in this line-up yet, Han still boasts his share of charm, mainly since his goggles feature more detail than before, which adds significantly to his look.

Han’s outfit is also imposing. His coat has more authenticity than its counterpart thanks to thicker materials and detailed interior stitching, while belt and holster detail is well done (although some weathering would have made an appearance), His pants may need some work, but that can quickly be addressed through creative posing.

Han’s droid caller fits nicely into his belt clip for added detail. Additionally, this accessory helps make his costume movie-accurate. Also included with Han is a small flashlight that can be clipped into his belt clip for additional light effects!

One major flaw I see with this figure is Han does not appear to be as tall as Luke, perhaps due to their coats. While this may not affect collectors significantly, it bears noting as something worth discussing.

This Han Solo with Hoth gear figure from 2015 is definitely a worthy acquisition, even though it was released two years ago. It has excellent articulation, paint application, and an attractive sculpt. I can highly recommend checking it out when available in stores; definitely give this figure some attention.

The articulation

This figure’s articulation is excellent, although he seems dated when compared to newer Black Series figures. He features ball joints in his head, shoulders, hips, elbows, and wrists, as well as swivel ankles and knees; sitting up in his chair or standing flatfooted, this sturdy figure can even hold accessories!

This Han Solo figure, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back on Hoth, wears his cozy winter parka and hood and comes equipped with everything he needs for survival in this frigid terrain. The sculpture is beautifully detailed, and there’s some excellent paintwork adorning this figurine.

Hasbro’s Han Solo figure is generally impressive. While not the most excellent Han Solo toy ever produced, he does an admirable job recreating his character despite having short legs. Unfortunately, however, its head sculpt is less than ideal; though not particularly ugly, at least it doesn’t match Harrison Ford very closely.

Other than that, the figure features some fantastic accessories and is an outstanding buy. While he may be on the pricey side, his presence should make up for it in any Star Wars Saga collection.

The only thing missing was more articulation; still, he looks fine and will look great in any display but cannot perform more complicated poses like running poses or anything similar. His ankle articulation allows for an easy transition into various poses while his center of gravity doesn’t change as some older figures have done.

Han Solo fans should own this figure as it represents his character perfectly and comes equipped with some fantastic accessories. However, be mindful that its articulation may not provide as much possibility as some of the newer figures in this line.

The accessories

As with the figure released last year to commemorate Lucasfilm’s 50 years, this version of Harrison Ford as a smuggler is an outstanding piece for fans’ collections. His likeness can be seen perfectly, and the outfit worn by Hoth makes this figure genuinely representative. Fans should definitely add one or more such figures to their collections!

As far as the figure’s articulation is concerned, it is excellent. Joints exist at ankles, knees, groin sockets, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Furthermore, its neck features a ball and socket joint to allow it to move in a variety of ways.

The figure has a fantastic body, and his pants, jacket, and boots all appear very accurate. In particular, his jacket features some great details like its twill weave and stitched hood stitching; also, its buttons have superbly detailed sculpted details.

Another aspect that makes this figure stand out is its impeccable coloring. The skin tones are very realistic, with plenty of weathering and scuff marks, making the coat seem real. Meanwhile, while pants might be lighter, they still possess depth and shading to look very realistic.

Han comes equipped with several accessories, such as a blaster pistol, an electro-binocular, and semitransparent goggles that can fit over his eyes or sit atop his hat’s visor. A hood and scarf add to his bulky, bundled-up appearance.

Han has a blaster concealed in his belt and holster that features a working clip for ease of use. Additionally, this figure boasts a life scanner and small droid caller, as well as binoculars that Han himself can hold!

Only one aspect of this figure falls short – in its face sculpt, which appears somewhat generic and doesn’t quite match Harrison Ford. Overall, however, this figure makes an excellent addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection; it is especially worthwhile adding it if you already own Luke Skywalker wearing Hoth gear or Grand Admiral Thrawn figures from this subcollection.