Grab the best deal on the top 10 phones under 20000!

top 10 phones under 20000


The phone is one of the important tools currently. People without a phone we just can’t imagine nowadays! A worldwide report shows us, 90% of people globally availing a phone for communication purposes. The main reason to choose the best phone is, it will last long. Presently, there are many phone brands available in the market but always check the top 10 phones under 20000 and this helps to save some money!

There are different types of hot deals going on in the market based on phone price but some scam is also there! so, avoid huge discounts and check the security, and authentic of the dealer or shopper and then buy the product.

Motorola Moto G72

If you are looking for a smartphone under 20,000 then buy this model now! This device is perfect who are mobile-friendly. This model mainly gains a score due to its design. This phone comes with a polycarbonate back and frame and the color are also awesome its completely polar blue. This phone is 7.9 mm in thickness. if you check online the price of the phone is Rs.17,499 approx!

top 10 phones under 20000
top 10 phones under 20000

One Plus Nord CE2Lite -5G

This is another best phone and the display of this phone is 6.59 inches. The RAM of the phone includes 8GB and storage inbuilt 128 GB. Battery support is also very good its almost 5000 mAH. This model includes the front and back camera and you will get this phone at Rs.16,999 price.

Moto G82 -5G

This is another best value phone and it comes within 20,000! This is a 6GB ram phone with a maximum 128 GB storage facility. The battery capacity is also awesome and it supports 5G all the time. You will get this particular model’s rear camera and front camera as well. Once you will buy it, this will last a long. Reviews of such products are awesome.

Realme 9 -5G

This is another best phones which connect with 5G service. This phone includes 8GB RAM and this phone is also attached with a 128 GB storage facility. The battery of the phone is also awesome. This phone includes a front and back camera. The front camera includes a 16MP rare camera and the Rear camera also includes 3 cameras!

 Redmi Note 11 pro

 This is also one of the best brands and the best phone you may get within 20,000! This phone includes the best camera and charging is also the very first! The design is not very deluxe or updated and it also includes superb patterns. This phone also supports 5G and the battery also gets of excellent quality. This model includes a rear camera and a front camera as well. you can buy from any mobile shop or online.

 Poco X4 pro

 This is another best phones and this phone supports 5G! This phone has an excellent camera feature and consumers able to get its 64 rear camera feature at the back side with 2 rare cameras as well. Users are also able to get an excellent front camera as well. The price of the mobile is also within 16,000 approx. You can buy online or you can buy offline!

 Motorola Moto G71

 This is another best phone which includes a 6.4-inch Display and you will find also good viewing angles. This phone’s dimension is perfect and it’s very comfortable to use. This phone has 6 GB ram and a 128 GB storage facility. This phone offers good performance and good battery quality. It also includes good chargers in the box!

 Xiaomi Reim Note 11

 This is another best phones with good features. This phone supports 5g and the price of this phone is within 20,000 as well. This phone includes 6GB RAM and a 128 GB storage facility. You will also find the triple rear camera and 16MP front camera. This model offers excellent phone support and a 6.67-inch display as well. This phone also includes 5000 Mac battery support!

top 10 phones under 20000
top 10 phones under 20000

 Samsung Galaxy M33

 This is another best phones and this phone has a 5G support system. This phone has 6GB Ram and a 50 plus quad rear camera. The picture will be awesome once you click using this phone. It includes a strong battery backup and an 8MP front camera as well. This phone includes 6.6 inches TFT display as well.

Choose the best type of phone as per your choice and use it now!