Good Places to Visit Near Amravati


Amravati is a city in Maharashtra, India. It is the administrative headquarters of the Amravati district and the second largest city in the Vidarbha region. The district includes Akola, Buldhana, Washim, and Yavatmal and is one of the state’s Smart Cities.


Chikhaldara is a hill station located in the Amravati district of Maharashtra. The hill station is a municipality home to the Chikhaldara Municipal Council. Visitors to the area will find some beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

There are several tourist attractions in Chikhaldara, including Gavilgad Fort and Narnala Fort. It is also home to a Tribal Museum and the Pandit Nehru Botanical Garden. The town is also home to the Pandhari village, which is home to the Gawali tribe.


Dharkhora is one of the close places to visit near Amravati. This small town is surrounded by green grassy mountains and a beautiful river. The atmosphere here is enchanting, and you’ll find a waterfall that will take your breath away. This area is also known for its peace and purity.

This city is also a great place to visit in the spring. There are many open monuments, parks, and markets here. The town’s energy is buzzing, and some temples hold special pujas during this time.

Kalakand waterfalls

The Baradari and Kalakund waterfalls are located in Chikaldhara and are set amidst high-altitude mountains and breathtaking greenery. These waterfalls are best visited during winters and monsoons filled with fresh raindrops. However, you can also visit them in July and enjoy the refreshing weather.

You can also explore the pristine wildlife in Melghat Tiger Reserve for nature lovers. Here you can see several species of Indian bison, serpent eagles, and various flora and fauna. This park makes for an excellent day trip from Amravati.

Muktagiri Jain temple

If you’re looking for a place to visit near Amravati, rich in history and religious significance, the Muktagiri Jain temple might be just the place. The 16th-century temple is surrounded by beautiful forests home to many species of animals. Also, unlike other temples, this one is open only in the morning, from six to eleven in the evening.

This mountainous temple is located 275 kilometres from Bhopal and 677 kilometres from Mumbai. It is easily accessible by bus or train. There are regular bus services that stop near the temple.

Gawilgadh Fort

Gawilgadh Fort is an ancient mountain fortress of the Maratha Empire. It is located near Melghat Tiger Reserve in the Amravati District of Maharashtra. In 1803 during the Second Anglo-Maratha War, it was attacked by an Anglo-Indian force led by Arthur Wellesley.

This historical site is located in the Satpura range at 1103 meters above sea level. It contains several lakes, including Shakkar Lake and Devi Lake. It is also home to ten brass, copper, and iron cannons. There are also ruins of mosques inside the fort.

Gugarnal National Park

An excellent place to visit near Amravati is the Gugarnal National Park. The park has an extensive range of animals located in the Satpura range. It is home to tiger, chital, nilgai, and hyena. Visitors can go on a jungle or bird-watching safari to see these animals up close.

Gugarnal National Park is best visited from October to June. This is because the park experiences massive rainfall during the monsoon season. It is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily. Other nearby attractions include the Gwaligarh fort and the Korku Tribal Culture. Visitors can meditate and trek in the park for a more relaxed trip. It is essential to carry water and snacks for the trek. The park is significant and will take at least half a day to visit.