Glossier Mascara Review


With its impressive list of ingredients, Glossier claims its mascara provides the appearance of lash extensions without the need for extensions. This mascara claims to be long-lasting and safe for sensitive eyes. Moreover, it enhances the appearance of your natural lashes. Let’s take a closer look at the mascara to see if it meets these claims.

Lash Slick is a fiber mascara.

The fiber mascara from Glossier is designed to create the illusion of mini lash extensions, giving the wearer long, voluminous lashes. The formula comprises one and two-millimeter-long curved fibers that deposit on the lashes and give them a lifted, lengthened appearance. The formula also contains provitamin B5 and biosignal tripeptide-1, which keep the lashes soft and moisturized. Lastly, natural shine polymers add an extra sheen to the black pigments.

Developed over 18 months, Lash Slick uses Japanese fiber technology and lifting film formers to coat eyelashes from root to tip. This allows users to experience the effect of lash extensions without the hassle and price. It also contains vegan biotin, which is another plus. The fibers are applied to the lashes with a baby lash comb brush, which ensures an even and precise application of the glossy black formula.

It enhances the look of your natural lashes.

The first mascara from Glossier is called Lash Slick, which took the company over 18 months to perfect. The formula contains Japanese fiber technology to create the illusion of extensions and conditions your natural lashes with nutrients. It gives you an all-natural look free of clumps and flaky lashes. The formula also contains vegan biotin to make your lashes soft and supple.

The packaging is a classic 1950s-style pink tube, with the word “Glossier” printed on one side. The wand has a thin tip and a thicker base with spiked bristles, which helps separate your lashes. The tube is easy to grip and doesn’t feel bulky compared to other tubes. The formula is easy to blend and can also be applied to baby lashes.

It’s suitable for sensitive eyes.

Choosing a mascara suitable for your eyes is essential, especially if you have sensitive eyes. Some mascaras can irritate the eyes or even cause a flare-up if they contain ingredients you’re allergic to. Glossier has a hypoallergenic formula that doesn’t contain common allergens and fragrances. It is also suitable for sensitive eyes and marked with “suitable for sensitive eyes” on the packaging.

When choosing a mascara for sensitive eyes, choose one that is easy to remove. Look for one with a plastic wand or bristled brush, and apply it slightly above the root of the lash. Avoid applying mascara too close to the eye, which can cause irritation and itchiness.

It’s long-lasting

Glossier mascara is a popular choice for long-lasting, waterproof mascara. Its unique tubing formula coats your lashes with a thin layer of microfibers and is water-resistant. It is also paraben, fragrance, and cruelty-free, which make it a safe choice for sensitive eyes.

It’s also affordable compared to most drugstores and department store mascaras. It costs only $16 for a 0.29-ounce tube, compared to $20-$25 for other brands. And the product is designed to last for at least three months. That’s pretty amazing!

It’s not vegan

After receiving customer complaints, Glossier has clarified that its mascara formula is not vegan. The company issued a full refund and apologized for the confusion. The mascara is not cruelty-free and contains beeswax, a by-product of the beekeeping industry. Vegan beauty guidelines prohibit animal by-products from cosmetics, and beeswax is not considered a vegan ingredient.

While Glossier’s mascara is not vegan, the company does make vegan versions of its products. The company is working on making its entire range more cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. It has recently begun marking its products as vegan by including a vegan symbol on its website. This helps vegans to make an informed choice when purchasing makeup.