Garmin Vivomove HR Review


Garmin Vivomove Hr Review

The Garmin Vivomove HR is a fitness tracker that shows the time, date, and how many steps you’ve taken. Intelligent features keep you updated on your activity, such as weather, music, and notifications. Its display scrolls through the stats you’ve already recorded and has a VO2 max estimate. In this review, we will see what this smartwatch has to offer.

Garmin Vivomove HR

Garmin Vivomove HR might be the right choice for you if you are looking for a new fitness tracker. This watch is not only fashionable but also functional. Its screen features the date and number of steps taken. You can scroll through your workout stats and intelligent features to see what your body is doing at any given moment. It also comes with music controls and notifications. If you’re concerned about losing track of your workouts, you can always tether the Vivomove HR to your phone’s GPS.

This fitness tracker looks like a modern version of the classic Garmin Viroactive watch. Its front display displays the brand name, but unlike most other fitness trackers, it’s far from plain. Its circular face is reflective material reflecting light, sending beams out from its center. The hours and minutes hands have a normal look, but the minute pips are a little off-center.

The Vivomove HR is a full-featured fitness tracker, similar to the Fitbit Charge 2 watch. It comes in silver, gold, and black, with various straps. It has a heart rate monitor, and the screen automatically tracks your workouts. A heart rate monitor on the wrist adds a little more functionality to the Vivomove HR, so it’s worth checking out.

The Vivomove HR also has a sports tracking system, which allows you to manually log workouts or let it automatically detect your workouts and estimate your VO2 max. You can stream heart rate data via ANT+. The watch is also water-proof up to 50m, though it can’t track your swimming progress. In addition to tracking your activities, the Vivomove HR doesn’t have GPS, so it’s not a smartwatch for navigation.

VO2 max estimate

The Garmin Vivomove Hr demonstrates a great range of cardiovascular fitness. The device will calculate your VO2 Max when you run for 10 minutes with your GPS connected. The company’s researchers devised a formula to calculate your VO2 max during exercise. However, it is only accurate for a specific time (8 minutes for males, 9 minutes for females).

A study of two different Garmin systems found that the VO2 max estimates from the two systems were very different. Researchers suspected a lack of heart rate measurement from the wrist sensors, but the chest strap produced more accurate values. The wrist sensors overestimated the user’s VO2 max. While these devices are easy to use, it’s a good idea to consult a physician before implementing a new fitness routine.

In addition to the Garmin Vivomove Hr HO2 max estimation, this device also measures the amount of physical activity you perform. VO2 Max is an indicator of your overall fitness and health. Ideally, your VO2 Max value is between three and four, although some people have higher or lower values than others. The best way to test your physical fitness is to run a 5K race. Short races with high-intensity levels will give you a decent estimate of your VO2 Max.

The Vivomove HR shows you your heart rate during the workout. The app also shows your estimated distance, pace, and calories burned. You can also view a heart rate chart to understand your heart rate better. The VO2 max estimate is based on your pace and heart rate. The estimate’s accuracy depends on the amount of personal information you provide. The higher the VO2 max estimate is, the better fit you are.


If you’re looking for a watch with GPS but don’t want to spend much money, the Garmin Vivomove Hr is an option. While it’s not as sophisticated as the Garmin Vivomove HR, it has a sleek design and plenty of health and fitness features. It even has smart notifications, virtual payments, and storage space for 650 songs. You can even stream music to your Garmin device.

One of the major cons of the Vivomove HR is the absence of GPS. While most trackers use GPS on your smartphone, the Vivomove HR does not. The device does have an app that lets you access a map, but you can’t use it to navigate. There aren’t any advanced running metrics or accurate outdoor tracking, and the watch’s battery life is only five days.

A Garmin Vivomove HR has a stylish design and is Bluetooth Smart-connected. It has a built-in step counter and is compatible with most fitness trackers. It also includes an improved heart rate monitor, a useful stress tracker, and improved notifications. No GPS, but it’s a good option if you want to track your daily activity. But a GPS-equipped fitness watch isn’t a good idea if you’re a serious sportsperson.

The lack of a GPS makes the Vivomove Hr unsuitable for serious sports. Its small screen makes it difficult to see the route. In addition, the device is difficult to use while running and requires constant attention. You’ll need to wear the device around your wrist to avoid bumping into objects and other people while moving. A GPS-enabled fitness watch should be designed to give you accurate information during your exercise.

No buttons

The Garmin Vivomove HR is an affordable smartwatch with a sporty yellow minutes hand. It comes in pink and gold with a white strap, and the edges are not perfectly finished. The premium models remove the colorful part of the face and replace the silicone strap with leather. This is a nice touch that makes this watch unique among smartwatches. Nevertheless, it lacks a physical button.

Despite its understated look, the Garmin Vivomove HR comes with smart functions and a week’s battery life. The watch looks like a conventional analog watch but features a touchscreen that tracks heart rate, steps, sleep, and more. It works with iOS and Android devices and is compatible with most mobile devices. The Garmin Vivomove HR has a long battery life, so you can use it as a regular watch without a smartphone. Its lack of physical buttons and crown make it particularly fiddly.

Although the Garmin Vivomove HR isn’t the best option for people who want a smartwatch with GPS capabilities, it has many good features and a reasonable price. It lacks a heart rate sensor but has stress tracking and heart rate monitoring capabilities. The Vivomove HR is priced at $199USD. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that works well during your workouts, you can purchase one online for $199USD.

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth smartwatch with a classic timepiece appearance, the Garmin Vivomove HR may be the right choice for you. Its internal step counter will monitor your sleep and exercise. Its display will even show your stress levels. Although it’s not as stylish as the Nokia Steel HR, the Garmin Vivomove HR is still a smartwatch that looks great and is very functional.

No crown

The Vivomove HR lacks a crown and is made of a steel case with a hard plastic underside. Though a bit cheaper than some similar models, the construction feels more premium than average. The case feels sturdy and resembles the materials used for Garmin’s high-end running watches. The watch is comfortable to wear all day long and tracks heart rate and steps. Its battery life is good, but it’s not ideal for multitasking.

The Vivomove HR is a hybrid smartwatch that combines the functions of a fitness tracker with a touch-enabled display. It has an altimeter to track your heart rate while walking or hiking, and it can track the number of stairs you climb. The Vivomove HR is waterproof and can even be worn in the shower without risking water damage. Another perk is that it has a week’s worth of battery life.

In addition to the glass-covered dial, the Vivomove Sport’s case is made from a polymer material and has a silicone band instead of leather. This is a great alternative to leather, but the silicone band is also less heavy than the Premium version. The watch weighs 56.5 grams, and the strap is made of polymer material. The strap is comfortable to wear, but it’s not comfortable.

While the Garmin Vivomove is far from the best smartwatch on the market, its design is one of its biggest strengths. Its sleek design is unique among wrist-based activity trackers. Compared to the Fitbit Charge 2 or Mio Slice, it looks better than any of them. The slim design is attractive, and Garmin has moved away from chunky wrist-wear devices.

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