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In recent times, every person has some or the other want. People want several gadgets, houses, cars and many others as well. Nowadays, all these things are very expensive and require a high amount of money to be purchased. All these gadgets or wants are highly fascinating and attract everyone. To illustrate- if someone has a keen interest in photography, they must want to buy a camera, preferably a DSLR camera under 30000. Several photographers have this dream or aim of buying such a fascinating camera, but these are usually very expensive. The best way to buy such products is by breaking the amount into smaller parts. This can help anyone in buying there want easily. Such as a photographer can buy DSLR by paying in EMI installments. Hence, a photographer or DSLR enthusiast can buy the best DSLR camera under 30000 easily.


The question arises here is how to avail of this service? This is now possible by only using one’s phone. Several apps and websites have now been created for this purpose. These apps provide one with the option to buy any gadget, travel anywhere, or fulfilling everything one wants by paying in some installments afterward. Therefore, one can easily dream big and pay small. There are several advantages of using these apps. Let us now discuss some of these benefits here.




  1. NO HIDDEN OR EXTRA MONEY REQUIREMENT- These apps don’t have any extra fee requirement and provide all the transparency to the user. These apps do not hide any kind of charges that are to be paid after the user starts using the app. These apps also provide these installments at 0% interest. This means that they do not charge any interest on converting your payment into breakdowns and provide them easily.


  1. FAST APPROVAL PROCESS- The foremost advantage of this app is that they don’t have a long process to approve one’s account or payment breakdown. These apps just have a three-step easy verification and approval process, and any person can do it very easily.


  1. PERSONALISED LIMIT SETUPS- These apps usually work as a credit card without the need for a card. They provide one with the option to set up their credit limit. One can very easily set this limit under Rs 200000. This helps one in buying several things with paying less. One can easily buy now pay later.


  1. ACCEPTED AND USED- These apps are accepted in several online and physical retail stores. One can easily buy products from anywhere by using this app as it is now widely accepted.


To sum up, it can be said that online apps that provide one with the facility of a credit card without actually having a credit card and that also with several other advantages can be very beneficial. One can easily buy now, pay later. This means that by using these apps one can easily buy whatever they want and then pay for it later in breakdowns. One such platform or apps is ZestMoney. This app is an approved and verified source of buying products with a zero % interest policy on installments. Therefore, one can easily check out the reviews for the app and download it for the best experience.

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