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Have you submitted a resume for the job opening? Certain is it doesn’t perfectly match your skills and then never receive an offer? Often it’s a mystery as to what employers and hiring managers are searching for in a good candidate. Below are popular questions recruiters receive, along with answers to their inquiries.

Q: What do recruiters look for inside a resume?

Recruiters look at your current experience. If you are a recent grad, recruiters look at your internships history. Candidates that proved helpful at agencies or huge corporations generally stand out a tad more and more professional-looking activities and job duties.

Even if you have years of job experience, interviewers look at the companies you proved helpful for, past job headings, and expertise. This allows those to see the career path you visited and insight into their next natural steps.

Q: I have great knowledge! Why didn’t I have the job?

When companies utilize a staffing agency, they give extremely specific skill sets these are searching for, which narrows their particular candidate pool considerably. Interviewers then phone screen and interview many candidates, everyone who would like to be chosen to get a job opportunity. Having an optimistic attitude during the interview is vital, regardless of whether in person or over the phone. During the interview, your attitude and individuality are being assessed to see how you might fit in with potential companies.

Q: How do I stand apart from the crowd?

Will your resume be polished and easy to learn? Do you show up to an appointment in sweats? (It features happened! ) Are you willing to answer questions? During interviews, recruiters look at many of these factors and meet job hunters at networking events. You should search professional and have a field in your mind so you can get solutions such as “what are you looking for willing?” If you are unsure of the answer, how can you expect employers to know how to help you? When you are passionate and prepared, recruiters can take notice.

Experience, attitude, and presentation are all important factors in a very hiring decision. Candidates should refine their pitch and maintain an upbeat attitude with preparation for meeting a new recruiter or hiring manager.

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