Franco Chain – How To Choose

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Necklaces have gotten a lot of hype in the past year. You can see many young men and women wearing different types of gold chain to enhance their outfits. Among this vast collection of chains, one of the most common and most appreciated chains is the Franco Chain. This is a popular chain design that is best for contemporary fashion. 

This chain has gotten so much popularity because of its versatility; people can style it with any casual or formal outfit. Franco Chains were popular in the past because the famous hip-hoppers and rappers wore them. But now, almost every man can be seen wearing this beautiful piece of accessories. Another great thing about these chains is that they look good with or without a pendant. Furthermore, these are famous for their durability and longevity. Here you will learn everything about Franco Chains and how you can find the best one for yourself. 

What is Franco Chain: 

Before learning about the tips on finding the perfect Franco Chain for yourself, you need to know what Franco Chain is. 

The Franco Chain is a stunning and masculine necklace initially designed in Italy inspired by a famous pattern called the Cuban Chains. The Franco Chains are an elevated look of the Cuban necklace but sturdier and long-lasting. The name Franco came from the Italian jeweler who designed this chain design.  

The Franco Chain is made with V-shaped links interlocked together to form a beautiful pattern. The V-shape design is arranged flat with two or four curbs and then interlocked to create a long and stunning chain. 

If you are a newbie and wondering which type of chain is suitable, the Franco Chain can be the best option for you. 

Pros of a Franco Chain: 

Following are some of the pros you can get if you purchase the Franco Chains. 

1. Durability:

 The first and the most important pro of the Franco Chain is durability. The V-shaped locks are interlinked with such perfection that one chain will last you for several years. 

2. Works well with Heavy Pendants: 

Nowadays, heavy and large pendants are in demand; hence the Franco Chains are strong enough to hold a heavy pendant. Therefore, if you are also a fan of heavy pendants, you should pair them with the Franco Chains. 

3. Design: 

The beautiful and intricate design of the Franco Chain makes it unique and special. The V-shaped links look incredibly gorgeous when you style them with any outfit. Even if you don’t own pendants, you can style these Franco Chains alone. 

Styling the Franco Chains: 

There are a few chains that look very heavy, that they can only be worn on special occasions. However, the Franco Chains can be styled on casual and formal days. Even if you go to the gym, office, or have a casual dinner with your friends, you can easily pair this chain with a simple outfit. 

Furthermore, if you are going to a special event such as someone’s wedding or festival, you can add this chain to lift your outfit. 

What is the Franco Chain Made of? 

Several metals are used to make these stunning pieces of jewelry. These chains can be manufactured with stainless steel, silver, and gold. If you are trying to look for something fresh and clean, you can also get white gold Franco Chains. 

The gold Franco Chain has the highest amount of following among all of these. You will see that most people enjoy having gold chains rather than any other metal. It is because gold is easy to manage and take care of, and it is also very durable than all the other metals. 

How to find the Perfect Franco Gold Chain: 

Several designs and styles are available in the Franco chains; however, shopping for this chain is not as easy as it sounds. You need to think about different points, such as color, metal, thickness, and other parameters. So the following things are a few essential and fundamental things that need to be checked before purchasing the Franco Chain. 

1. The thickness of the Chain: 

You need to select the first, and foremost thing is how thick you want your chain to be. The standard width for the men’s necklaces is approximately 3mm, 4mm, or 5mm. Here 1mm increments might sound small, but they have a significant difference in thickness. If you want thick, go for 5mm, but if you wish to have a thin and petite chain, then opt for 3mm width. 

2. Choosing the Metal: 

You also need to choose the metal for the Franco Chains, so as discussed above, the common metals are stainless steel, gold, and sterling silver. Therefore, you can select either one of these according to your liking. 

3. Gemstones on the Chain: 

You also get an option to add gemstones on the Franco Chains. Many people own chains that are filled with diamonds and other precious stones. So if you also like gems and stones, you can also add them to the chain. But keep in mind that it will escalate the pricing and make the chain heavier and bolder. 

4. The color of the Chain: 

Another thing that you can select is the color of the chain to get the best chain according to your liking. There are plenty of colors available in the Franco Chains; some standard colors are gold, silver, and rose gold. If you want something unique and different from others, you can customize the color according to your preferences. 


If you are a lover and enthusiast of jewelry and love to try new things, then the Franco Chain is something every man should have in their collection. This unique, stylish, and eye-catching chain is excellent for casual and formal outfits. It is a minimal way to elevate the look and make it look exquisite. Hence, the Franco Chains are a perfect option for men if they look for attractive chain options.

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