Four Main Types of Roof Fix Options

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Roof repair is probably the more common home improvement project. While it is necessary to mend troublesome areas when they arise, it is a pricey undertaking. A 2010-2011 review indicated that a 3 000 square foot area expense is $21 000 to exchange on average. Of course, the type of materials you decide on affects this total. Realizing your options can help you budget before having any work accomplished. Choose the Best Commerical roof replacement.

Asphalt or Composite

The most common types of shingles will be the composite or asphalt design and style. This material has asphalt at the top and bottom with a fiberglass core. Traditionally, you will find this kind of a piece has three slits to make it appear like the shingles are smaller than what they are currently. The surface has tiny pebbles embedded in it, which help defend the product from the effects of sunlight.

While this product does need regime cleaning to clear debris and moss from the slits, it can have its benefits. Often the asphalt material has excellent fire resistance and wind resistance up to 130 mph.

These shingles are also the cheaper option, and almost all roofers know how to install them adequately. On average, a two-story, 3, 300 square foot household costs about $7 000 to replace. Of course, you will need to swap this material about every 19 years.


If you don’t mind shelling out more money on your roof restore, you may consider metal. Typically situated on farms or commercial houses, these panels are becoming more popular in residential properties. There are two primary choices: tiles, which seem similar to regular shingles, or perhaps panels, which measure sixteen by 20 feet.

Steel sheeting has its rewards. These surfaces are long-term and often come with lifetime extended warranties. They also resist wind and also heavy hail. You can also find coatings that will reduce chilling costs by 10 to fifteen percent. These products qualify for analysis energy efficiency tax credit rating of up to $500.

Though there are numerous benefits, there are also a few tiny downsides. If you choose tiles above panels, you will have to clean the location periodically, as there are many stripes for debris to collect. The most significant drawback that most consumers come across is the cost. An average fee for a two-story 2 500 square foot home is $16, 800 including the previous shingles.


A single-purpose traditional choice for a home is wood. However, this option is declining in popularity due to fire risk. Some utterly new building regulations proscribe interdict this material unless given a fire-retardant fabric. Contrary to previous practice, wood smoothies (similar to shingles, although derived differently) must be fitted over space boards as a way to allow the surface to dry.

If you live in a drier crisis, wood shakes might be a superb option, as they have a very long lifespan, usually running five decades between replacements. On the other hand, virtually any wet-weather home will have to have the surface cleaned out to remove moss and lichen.

This roof fix option is not cheap, jogging approximately $17 200 over a two-story 2, 300 rectangular foot home.


If you need a Spanish-style home, then clay surfaces shingles are necessary. These tiles are long-lasting and well suited for dry climates. It’s not required to go with a traditional red type, though. Newer choices can quickly look like wood or even standing. Unlike wood, however, such material doesn’t burn.

An essential factor to note is the heavy excess weight of these tiles. If you are improving to this material, you need to ensure that your home’s surface can support the. Those who live in wet parts or have frequent hailstorms should be aware that the area should be regularly cleaned and inspected for injury. In terms of price, some two-story, 2, 300 sq foot homes can cost well over $17 500.

Roof maintenance is a necessity. If you hold back until it has to be done, you probably will go using the cheapest option available. But if you are willing to spend a bit more money and plan, you can upgrade your surface to something more durable. You can also recuperate about two-thirds the price of the brand new roof when you sell the house.

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