Fluid Mechanics: Elementary Ideas, Fluid Properties (1 of 34)

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0:00:10 – Definition of a fluid
0:06:10 – Items
0:12:20 – Density, particular weight, particular gravity
0:14:18 – Ideally suited fuel regulation
0:15:20 – Viscosity
0:22:00 – Newtonian fluids, non-Newtonian fluids
0:24:52 – Floor stress
0:29:09 – Absolute stress, gage stress
0:41:24 – Instance drawback: Viscosity
0:50:03 – Recommendation on learn how to remedy homework issues

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This lecture sequence was recorded stay at Cal Poly Pomona throughout Fall 2014. The textbook is Munson et al., “Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (seventh version).”


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