Five signs that the air filter of your AC needs a replacement

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If you don’t care much about the air filter of your AC and keep running your five years old AC with the new air filter that came along with the AC, then you are not alone. We are always so bogged down with our daily routine that forgetting about replacing or even checking the AC filter is straightforward.

But it is always a better idea to have a look at the AC at least before the summer season starts knocking on the door because this will be the time when you will be running your AC at its full potential. And it is always better to keep the air filter clean rather than deal with ailments linked to poor air quality.

Determining the right time to replace the AC filter can be tricky for many people, especially those who have never even thought about it. But the signs that your AC filter needs replacement aren’t that tough to notice. So, let’s look at the top 5 signs to look for while planning to replace the AC filter.

A sudden spike in the electricity bill

The AC installed in your house accounts for a big chunk of the electricity bill that you pay every month. But if you are witnessing a sudden spike in the electricity bill, you must check the air filter or call the Hitachi customer care number to get the AC checked or serviced.

A clogged air filter puts pressure on the entire AC system, making it difficult to maintain the ideal temperature. It might translate into increased electricity bills even when you use AC the way you used last summer.

Even if you are dealing with frequent AC repair issues, it is always in your best interest to get the air filter replaced by professionals. By saving a couple of bucks by not calling customer care and not getting your AC serviced.

Reduced ability to keep the room cool

It might be true that you can attribute the reduced capability of the AC to keep the room cool to a wide array of problems, but at the same time, you can’t deny the fact that this can also happen because of clogged or old air filters.

If you notice that the AC is not cooling the room as it usually does or is blowing a little bit of warm air, then the first thing you should do is to get it checked by calling the Daikin customer care number.

A dirty air filter blocks the cool air from passing through. That leaves you to sit in the pool of unpleasant sweat and heat. Even if the air filters are not the real culprit behind the reduced ability of AC to keep the room cool, an expert should investigate the problem and fix it.

Increased allergy attacks

If you are already dealing with an allergy attack, you should be more careful about the air filters. Pet danders dust pollens can cling to the air filter and keep accumulating if not cleaned for a long time.

Then there comes a moment when the air filter is completely saturated with pollutants. They are blown and circulated in the air in your room. As a result, a person suffering from an allergy might have to deal with an allergic attack.

So, instead of griping about the allergy, get the air filter replaced or cleaned.

Accumulation of dirt near air vents

It is a sign that you can even notice with your naked eyes. If dust and dirt have started accumulating around or near the air vent, it is clear that there is something wrong with the air filter.

If you haven’t changed the air filter for a very long time, you might have to go for a complete air filter replacement by calling the Hitachi customer care number, and if you are lucky, a simple cleaning would be enough.

When the air filter gets clogged with dust, it starts releasing the dust into the system, which can quickly accumulate near the air vents. If the area near the air vent is dustier than the areas around it, you can be sure that it is because of the clogged air filter.

Visible damage and dust on the air filter

It is another obvious sign that your air filter needs a replacement, and you should call the Daikin customer care number as soon as possible. If you haven’t changed the air filter for more than 4-5 years, then you can go for air filter replacement without even looking at any damage or dirt in the air filter.

Visible damage to the air filter is the first sign any technician looks for as it helps in deciding whether a simple cleaning process would be enough or if there is a need for complete replacement of the air filter.

So, if your air filter is covered in dust and debris and shows signs of regular wear and tear, then rather than trying to rehash it, you should get it replaced.

The air filter keeps the polluted air at bay and allows the AC to keep supplying your room with fresh and clean air. But with time, air filters can undergo regular wear and tear, and this is where you might need to completely replace the air filter to ensure your room is filled with only clean air.

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