Five Runway Approved Ways to Style Trouser Pants for Men

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Your outfit speaks volumes about your personality. It helps manifest your personal taste, character, mood, and style. When it comes to selecting an outfit, you should never ignore your legs. While it is common for most men to not pay much attention to what kind of trousers they style with their favorite shirts, it can actually make or break the entire attire if not done right. A decent trouser collection is paramount for any wardrobe, and the right investment can help you stay confident in a variety of situations. The best trousers can fit seamlessly in your formal, smart-casual, and casual attires. In this article, we give your five runway-approved ways to style trouser pants for men.


  • Blue trousers with a white shirt: One of the most elegant combinations out there. Style your blue tapered fit trousers with a high-quality linen shirt for a simple yet sophisticated look. You can use this look at the workplace, on your vacation, or for any occasion that demands something smart and casual. Elevate this combination with a pair of premium derby shoes.
  • Grey trousers with a blue t-shirt: Style this neutral-colored trouser with a classic blue shirt to complete an outfit that’s effortlessly stylish and offers you exceptional comfort. In terms of fabric, we would recommend you go ahead with some high-grade ones like linen. Complete this outfit with a pair of decent brogues, and you are ready for those work hours and beyond.
  • Black trousers with a brown t-shirt For those who are in love with dark colors, this combination will certainly help you stand out. Style premium black trousers with a brown t-shirt, and you can sail through your formal meetings and casual gatherings with ease. Elevate this outfit with a pair of Chelsea boots and a wristwatch.
  • White trousers with a pink shirt Summers are all about staying cool and relaxed. No matter where you are, you cannot let discomfort get the better of you. Style a pair of white trousers with a pink shirt, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will help you stay cool and effortlessly stylish. Style this attire with a pair of decent sneakers, and we assure you the best of comfort and compliments as you get through the day.
  • Beige trousers with a check shirt: While solids are great, your wardrobe needs versatility. Invest in a premium beige trouser and pair it with a high-grade check shirt with a premium finish. You’ll need to get in touch with a premium fashion brand like Andaman to get the details right.


Elevate Your Style

A good outfit is all about matching the right colors, opting for the right design, and investing in the best quality fabric. A simple t-shirt and trouser combination can work wonders if you’ve got the best quality fabric and a timeless design. We would recommend you to do your research and invest in a quality product to get the most value out of your investment.

Associating with a premium fashion brand is one of the most productive ways to complete your wardrobe. The best brands pay utmost attention to every detail and give you access to some of the most unique designs out there. Moreover, they make use of some of the best quality fabrics that offer a seamless fit, unparalleled comfort, and exceptional durability. If you’re looking to connect with a premium fashion brand, we would recommend you to get in touch with Andaman. Their premium collection of trousers is crafted ethically from some of the best fabrics available in the country. As a luxury fashion name, they are dedicated to offering the best fashion experience to the growing community of Indians who cherish sophistication.

So, invest in a pair of premium trousers and style your outfits flawlessly!

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