Five Reasons to Rent a Golf Cart


Golf carts were initially intended for use on golf courses but can also serve as an efficient means of getting around town or to events. Many businesses rent them by the day, week, or month for vacationers and outdoor events. Here are five benefits of renting one: 1. Convenience.

1. Convenience

Golf carts are much more than a vehicle designed for playing golf courses; they can also be outfitted for street use, making running errands much more pleasurable. Golf carts also make travel with large groups easier on vacation; this is particularly advantageous if your destination requires covering extensive ground quickly in a short period.

Traveling with a golf cart rental can be more convenient and cost-efficient than taking taxis, an ideal solution.

Golf carts provide every member of your group with transportation while being safer and easier to maneuver than standard vehicles. This makes them the perfect option for new drivers or families with younger children – for beach or outdoor vacation destinations.

Golf cart rentals provide the ideal way to explore Fire Island’s pristine beaches or Ocean City’s shopping and dining experiences, providing a fun way to stay mobile in both places. And many offer 24-hour service so your rental will always be waiting when needed.

Coastal Golf Carts of Southport offers 4- and 6-person low-speed vehicle rental on Oak Island. Their rental packages feature free door-to-door delivery, are available for three, weekly, or monthly periods, and come equipped with extended tops that provide ample shade and 14″ wheels for enhanced stability.

3. Safety

Our carts feature seatbelts for every passenger and roofs to protect from the sun, along with headlights, tail lights, turn signals, daytime running lights, and daytime running signs to make our golf carts among the safest vehicles on Put-in-Bay and make sightseeing hassle-free without relying on taxi service, which may not always be reliable or frequent enough. At Coastal Cars & Carts, our Icon brand carts were specifically designed with safety in mind, so you can rest easy knowing your vacation will go off safely! Contact us today for more information!

4. Environmentally Friendly

As people grew more conscious about environmental concerns, golf carts became an attractive green transportation alternative to driving cars. Street legal carts are typically limited to 25 miles per hour for safe local travel and short trips; electric golf carts are even emissions-free and can help lower carbon footprints in residential neighborhoods and schools.

Golf carts can fit into tight spaces and parking spots usually reserved for SUVs and sedans, making them a great asset to smaller communities who want to keep the small-town charm. Their lower weight makes them easier to maneuver and park, lowering maintenance costs.

Many communities that have integrated golf carts into their infrastructure offer designated lanes and parking spots for golf carts to help alleviate congestion on busy streets – this is particularly valuable in states like Florida that face significant traffic issues.

Golf carts provide more than just convenient and cost-effective transportation; they’re also an enjoyable and memorable way to experience events, vacations, or business trips. Not only are they great ways of exploring destinations’ distinctive cultures or landscapes – but golf carts can also make traveling much more accessible for people with mobility impairments.

As owners of golf carts know, owning one has many advantages, and there are various models to suit every need imaginable – from traversing sprawling golf courses to zipping through vibrant cities – there’s sure to be one out there that fits you just perfectly!

5. Affordable

Golf carts provide an efficient and enjoyable means of getting around campgrounds, vacation spots, and outdoor events. Not only are they wheelchair accessible and fun to drive, but renting one gives you a taste of driving one and helps determine if this interests you enough to purchase one permanently. Our fleet consists of two to six-seater golf carts as well as utility and specialty vehicles, and we specialize in maintaining them so that they are 100% ready for use upon delivery – plus short or long-term rental agreements are offered at highly competitive rates!