FAQs About Bed Bug Protecting Mattresses

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Bed bugs can be a nuisance. When people discover bed bugs, they look for the quickest bed bug extermination solution. When you begin looking for answers, one of the most common ones you will find is a bed bug protector mattress. When you use this protector to cover up your mattress, surely the bugs won’t be able to get inside it. 

While some people are satisfied with these protectors, others are not. Different people have different opinions about how good these protectors work. There is no specific answer to this. However, researching the topic can help you learn a bit about it. 


1. Are our mattress encasements safe?

Mattress encasements for bed bug prevention are entirely safe. They are not only bed bug certified but waterproof, breathable, and fire retardant. As a result, dust, mites, bed bugs, mold, and bacteria cannot permeate inside. They also have a zipper with a sponge because of which the bugs cannot enter through the zipper. 

2. Do they work?

This is one question that gets asked by almost every single person. Bed bugs can multiply in number before you know it. They can successfully hide in your beds without you even noticing it. These pests are smaller than the size of a fingernail, which makes them challenging to spot.

Therefore, base encasements are not your ideal option if you want something to kill them instantly. These protectors can trap the bugs so they starve and die but won’t instantly kill them. 

3. Can bed bugs get out of encasements?

No. If bed bugs could get out of encasements, then there would be no point in making them. These protectors are specially designed so that the bugs cannot get out. Moreover, you can fasten these with a zipper, so the bugs won’t find an exit to get out. Finally, you can trap them inside the case long enough for them to die. 

4. How long does it take to kill bugs with a mattress encasement?

While trapping bed bugs in encasements and killing them after starving them for extended periods may sound promising, it is not. Even though these insects survive on human blood, they won’t die instantly if they do not get blood. Bed bugs can go without food or water for up to 18 months. They will appear hungrier than ever if they get out before they die. 

5. Will bed bug encasements stop bed bugs from biting me?

Yes. Bed bug encasements can prevent the insects from biting you by trapping them inside. However, you must ensure that you buy good quality and install it properly. Of course, you will still be bitten by a few if they are spread in your room or other parts of the house. 

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