Facebook Forgot Password: The best way to recover

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Facebook forgot password – Let’s not hide it; we all love and, at some level, are addicted to social media. And Facebook is one of the most popular and known platforms that started the whole trend of connecting to people virtually. Our Facebook account is very dear to us, but sometimes, it becomes scary when we try to log in and realize we do not remember our password. But don’t worry, today we are here to teach you to recover your Facebook forgot password.

Learn To Recover Your Facebook Forgot Password

There are two ways to learn how to recover your Facebook forgot password. In this blog, we will be explaining every step of both methods, and you can choose which one suits you better. And follow that accordingly. So let’s get straight into it.

Just a tip: If you are not good with technology and remembering passwords, you can make a notepad (digital or manual) and fill in your passwords there. So you will have a quick reference to go to next time you need passwords for anything.

How To Change Your Forgotten Password

In this blog, we will share two procedures for recovering the password of your Facebook account. We suggest you read all three processes, then choose the one you think is easier for you.

Click On Forgot Account?

When you log in to Facebook, you put down your email and password. But if you notice, there is a small “Forgot Account?” tab below the password tab. So to recover your Facebook forgot password through that tab, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Click on “Forgot Account?” It is below the password tab.
  2. Then, they will ask you to fill in your phone number or email associated with your account.
  3. After that, you will have a couple of options to pick from on which they can send you the recovery code.
  4. You can select one and continue the rest with it. You will get an email with instructions on what to do next, and you will be able to recover your Facebook forgot password.

Recovering Existing Password

The below method that we will share with you differs slightly from the first one because, in this method, you will recover your existing password instead of changing it.

  1. For Firefox, you can go to the hamburger icon at the right end.
  2. After that, click on options/preferences.
  3. Search for passwords in the search box and click on saved logins. You will find a list of saved passwords, and you might find your password there.
  4. Click on show password, and you can check it out and use it to log in to your Facebook.


Losing or forgetting passwords is a common thing in the digital world. However, you must be up with your security and recovery email IDs and everything. You should be aware of protecting your social media or digital accounts from a hacker. It is essential to take necessary actions to safeguard yourself and your personal information. We are sure you learned to recover your Facebook forgot passwords by the end of this blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay anywhere in this process of recovering the password?

No. You do not have to pay anywhere in this process of recovering the password.

Can a hacker also change my password with these steps?

Please note that Facebook has security steps to ensure nobody else changes your account password except you.

How to choose a strong password for my Facebook account?

One must choose a strong password for their social media accounts. For Facebook, it should be six characters long with a combination of letters and symbols.

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