Everything You Need to Know About Vodka


Whether you are an occasional or heavy drinker or a complete teetotaller, it is doubtful that you have not heard of vodka. This colourless drink is a trendy one around the globe. That explains the rising market for this alcoholic beverage. 

A staple in the liquor industry, you can mix it easily with other drinks. On top of that, it can be easily distilled from any substance. Although, the prevalent custom is to distil the drink from potatoes or grains. 

Here’s a brief history of this world-famous alcoholic drink.

History of Vodka

The spirit originated in Eastern Europe and Russia a long time ago. However, there is a lot of debate about whether Poland or Russia produced it first. Nonetheless, the origin goes way back to the 8th or 9th century

There have been accurate records of the beverage existing in 14th century Russia. It was an immensely famous drink even back then in the limited regions. However, after World War II, there has been a rise in global consumption of this beverage. Gradually it made its way to other parts of the world, like Australia in the 1890s. 

Base Ingredients

The most exciting thing about the beverage is that there are no strict regulations for its production. This is very different from the manufacturing of other alcoholic beverages.

Vodka can be derived from various substances, like starch, sugar, rice, wheat, corn, and potato. However, the one derived from the latter is the most popular.

Other than this, the other two ingredients needed to produce the drink are yeast and water. Popular brands usually opt for spring water or glacier water that delivers a smoother taste.  

Calories and Carbs 

The beverage may raise the curiosity of the healthy drinker regarding its calorie contents. However, there are very few calories in it, and it is gluten-free. On top of that, it is suitable for even those following a keto diet. 

Since this is a distilled spirit, it contains no traces of carbohydrates, which is surprising because it is derived from carb-rich foods. 

The drink contains only ethanol and water, so there are few nutritional values. The best part is that it has no cholesterol, fat, or sugar.

Compared to wine or beer, this alcohol is low in calories. However, the more concentrated versions contain relatively more calories. This is determined by ‘proof’ which is associated with the alcohol percentage of the liquor. 

For instance, 80 proof is 40% alcohol and contains 96 calories, while 100 proof is 50% alcohol and has 124 calories. 

Popular Drinks 

The drink is famous for its easy mixability, which helps create classic cocktails. However, many prefer gulping down straight from the bottle or sipping it slowly to savour the taste. You can even consume it as shots. 

The spirit has been an indispensable component for those with a more refined taste in cocktails. Whether you prefer a modern twist to the classic favourite of James Bond or relish some sweet cosmopolitan, the beverage is integral. It has also made its way into modern delicacies, like Bloody Mary and Screwdriver. 


This is a very popular drink with a rich history and almost no negative impact on your health when taken in moderation. Hopefully, you can relax and enjoy sipping this beverage guilt-free with this knowledge.

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