Everything You Need to Know about Display Cases

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It is important to understand the importance of display cases for retail stores. These cases can help store owners save money and time when it comes to purchasing items, storing them, and making them easily visible to customers. Retailers can also find these display solutions beneficial for showcasing their products.

There are several types of display cases out there for any type of product. When purchasing a case, it is important to identify what kind of product you will place inside it. Display cases may be tall or wide, thin or thick, clear or colored, and made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, wood, glass, and acrylic. The case should allow ample room for displaying products in an organized fashion while being aesthetically pleasing. Buy display cases for better inventory control and keep products clean.



Why are display cases important for stores?

Consider the amount of space available for displaying merchandise in the case. Many cases can accommodate merchandise ranging in size from one inch to 5 feet in height and width. Aesthetics play an important role in picking out the right case. For example, a thick clear plastic case is not only visually appealing but can protect the product from dirt, dust, and scratches. However, if a product is fragile or can be easily damaged, then a more resilient case, such as a wood display case, is more ideal.

Consider how many product displays are needed in each location where your products will be showcased. Some retailers only need a few displays in their shop, whereas others may need hundreds. Plastic product displays are perfect for small shops that only want to showcase a few items. Metal cases are ideal for larger retail stores that need hundreds of displays. Wood cases are best suited for medium-sized shops that display high-end products.

How easy is it to access items stored in the display case? If the case is simply for display purposes and does not store items, then how easy is it to reach the product displayed on the case? Many display cases have pull handles; if your merchandise is heavy, then consider purchasing a case with a heavy base and handle. The most ideal case would be one which opens with ease and has a locking mechanism.

Which store room will the product be displayed in? 

When displaying products, it is important to choose a room that customers will find appealing. Different rooms can hold different types of merchandise. Metal cases are ideal for a store in the food court, whereas glass display cases are ideal for a store located in the cosmetics section.

What will be displayed in the case?

If the case contains items that are frequently handled, then it is important to choose a case that is durable and functional. Plastic display cases are ideal for displays that will often see products exposed to rain and wind, as they are less likely to break or chip. Glass cases are ideal for products that will be seen in front of customers on a regular basis.

Which store room will the case be displayed in? 

This is an important consideration. If a case is placed in a high traffic area, then durability and quality are important factors. If the display case is placed in a lower-traffic area, then it is less important for the case to be durable. Consideration of the space available in a store as well as design and functionality should be taken into account when choosing a case. The importance of hardwood display cases for retail stores cannot be stressed enough.

How many products will be displayed in the case? 

This is a question that should be answered before purchasing the case. The number of products being displayed will be an indication of the importance of the case. In addition to how many products will be displayed, the type of product being displayed will also be an indicator of the case’s importance.

Will each item in the display case be easy for a customer to view? 

It is important for products to be visible, easy to read and organized. Most cases will have shelves or racks with small drawers or compartments for holding small products, such as pens, shirts and keychains. In addition, some display cases will include a flat surface on which products can be placed, easily accessible for the customer. This accessibility will be especially important for products that are highly priced, as few people will be able to spot the expensive item in a sea of other items.

Final Take

While the importance of the case is important for retail stores, so too is the importance of the product inside the case. A well-chosen case will provide protection for the product, while still providing easy access for customers to purchase the item.

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