Essential Features to Consider When Choosing a Website Builder

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If you have a small business or an online store, you need a website to attract visitors. You had to approach a professional web developer to design a website in the past. Technology has developed so much that you do not need a web designer or need any designing skills to create your own website. Today you can build a website by yourself and sell services or products or start a blog.

A web design service provider can help you build a business website by providing the required resources through a subscription plan. You can either use a website builder or get support from professionals to design a professional website. You do not need any coding skills or insights into building a website with essential functions.

Why should you use a website builder? 

To find information and to carry out daily activities, people use the Internet and smartphones. Most people, especially tech-savvy generations, use mobile devices to gather information about a service, product, company, or brand. It makes it necessary for a business to build a mobile-friendly website to attract more customers to its products or services.

With a Website Builder, you can have a customized website. The platform offers access to a range of professionally designed templates on various themes and topics. You can create your business template by mixing and matching the element using the editing tools. It also helps you add links to email forms, Google maps, contact forms, and social media tools.

A beautifully designed website will attract people and convert them into leads. To attract local customers in New Zealand, you can create a website with a ‘.nz’ or ‘NZ’ extension. To implement special features, several service providers offer a web-building tool to launch your business website.

What is a website creator?

If you wish to design a website of your own, you can use a website creator. It is a kind of software that helps create a website using drag-and-drop tools. You can also get the help of a web designer to build your website. Using a website creator tool, you can design your website without any coding skills or the assistance of a professional.

You can approach a web hosting provider who can offer feasible website-building plans to design a website or an e-commerce store using the tools and features.

Some essential aspects to consider before choosing an online subscription plan are:

  • Drag-and-drop interface

You can edit, add, change color, content, images, fonts, and remove templates on your website using the drag-and-drop feature in the tool. You can select a suitable plan that offers customization options and tools.

  • Social media integration

Social media presence is necessary to bring traffic, interact with visitors, and convert them into sale leads. The plan you select must incorporate social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Using the tools, you can also integrate social sharing tools on the website to give enough information to the visitors about your product or service.

  • E-Commerce builder functions

The plans must support e-commerce builder functions like payment gateways, coupons, taxes, product catalog, shipping, order, shopping cart, and inventory management.

  • Customizable templates

You should build a suitable website that offers easy navigation to various aspects of the site. The subscription plan you choose will give access to ready-to-use custom-made templates suitable for an eCommerce store

You can now look for a website builder plan that offers access to various features at an affordable price. It will help you design an amazing website for your startup business.

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