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Are you a fan of the rainy season? Do the sound of rainfall, the fragrance of freshly fallen leaves, the enticing earthy scent, and the cold crisp breezes all appeal to you? Then it would help if you visited a hill station during the monsoons since nothing compares to the ethereal feeling of wandering through lush green woods with gorgeous mountains in the distance while being soaked by the rain. It’s not only exciting but also romantic and unforgettable.

Kodaikanal, being the queen of hill stations in Tamil Nadu, is great to visit during the monsoons. The best time to visit Kodaikanal during the monsoon season is July through September. After the rains, this exquisite haven comes alive when the lush woods, glittering lakes, and waterfalls appear lovely and colorful. The landscape becomes beautiful with a variety of beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, and the water bodies flood, becoming even more strong and active. It is a sight that should be treasured. 

 The weather in Kodaikanal remains mild and pleasant throughout this season, providing the ideal setting for exploring the beautiful plains, taking long walks, or simply gazing at the rainfall from the comfort of your room while indulging in your favorite foods. If you have been aching for a mountain getaway during the monsoons, Kodaikanal is the place to go. 

Kodaikanal is full of surprises that will fill your heart with happiness, with picturesque views and different attractive spots to explore. Add in some relaxing rain, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate vacation recipe. It is just what your parched spirit requires, and you will feel revitalized and renewed after a visit to this magnificent hill station. While in Kodaikanal, you can choose to stay in resorts, hotels, lodges, etcEven the best homestays in Kodaikanal are available where you can comfortably stay and enjoy the mountains.

Here are the reasons why people prefer to visit Kodaikanal:

The weather is fantastic.

Kodaikanal, in Tamil Nadu, has wonderful weather that lasts all year. This hill hamlet in the south is abounding with wooded valleys, lovely lakes and waterfalls, and green hills, far from the madding mob. The temperature in this area is usually between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal location for individuals seeking peace. The place becomes hazy after it rains, which gives it a surprisingly attractive appearance. The greatest time to visit Kodaikanal is during the monsoon season.

Breath-taking views

Kodaikanal is gifted with the most awe-inspiring sights and settings. Cool misty air, gloomy sky swallowing the tall mountains, and trees swaying and whispering as rain drizzles on them will appear to be the ideal atmosphere for something magical to happen. Pillar Rocks, Dolphin’s Nose, Coakers Walk, Byrant’s Park, Green Valley View, and other prominent tourist attractions provide spectacular panoramic vistas that will stay with you forever. There are even some daring hikes to experience here.

Kodaikanal lakes

As previously said, the Kodaikanal Lake is one of the city’s most notable attractions, therefore boating on the lake has to be one of the top things to do in Kodaikanal. With that stated, the allure of Kodaikanal Lake is nothing short of enchantments, especially on frigid days. The lake is shrouded in a gentle mist, giving it an appeal that most people have only seen in movies. The star-shaped lake offers great views of the surrounding vegetation even when there is no mist. It is a budget-friendly opportunity to spend a few serenity-filled hours interacting with mother nature.


Just so you know, Kodaikanal is also known for its dark and white chocolates, as well as spices. Instead of packages, chocolates may be purchased in kilos. Choose Brazilian Coffee chocolates from the main market if you enjoy dark chocolate and coffee. It’s not just layered in dark chocolate but also packed with crisp roasted coffee beans.

Amazing falls

Bear Shola Falls, Glen Falls, Fairy Falls, and Silver Cascade are just a few of the beautiful waterfalls in Kodaikanal. The grandeur of these ethereal falls, for which the town is famous, is only enhanced by the monsoons. Bear Shola Falls is a monsoon-themed attraction that comes alive during the rainy season. Silver Cascade needs no introduction in the town because it is so well-known. Looking at this magnificent waterfall falling between large stones and lush greenery is a really rewarding experience.

And while you are in Kodaikanal, it is always great to prefer homestays rather than a hotel. Even the best homestays in Kodaikanal give you a far greater experience as you get to interact with the local people and listen to their stories. To think about it, the sound of the term ‘home’ warms our emotions and conjures a sense of belonging. Homestays are an excellent option, especially when traveling as a family or with a large group of people or friends. You get to party and enjoy yourself together under one roof. 

Here are some pointers to assist you in selecting the best homestay for you:

  • Takedown a list of the homestay’s essential features.
  • Find out whether meals are offered (particularly breakfast) since you don’t want to go out at 8 a.m. in a strange city looking for food.
  • Stay at a location where you can easily access a mode of transportation.
  • Speak with the proprietors to better understand the homestay, and be sure to raise any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Always read the reviews and ratings of the homestay you are considering.

If you have been looking for a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and let your adventurous spirit run wild, Kodaikanal is the place to be. The natural grandeur of this hill station unfurls its real glory with the first drop of rain in India’s monsoon season. Nothing may be more peaceful and revitalizing than taking long walks with no particular goal in mind as the rain-soaked green surrounds provide you with much-needed peace and restore your spirit from the inside out.

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