Email Address with name – Amazing use of angle bracket


Email address with name – In today’s digital world, everyone has an email ID. Some of them have even more than one for different purposes. And on some platforms, you see your email address with your name. Some people often get confused about why their email address is in the angle bracket. When someone writes an email in an angle bracket, it looks like “<>.” In this blog, we will talk about the purpose of the angle bracket and why we put it with email addresses.

Why Does Email Address With Name Needs Angle Bracket?

The use of email addresses is for computers to route emails. The angle bracket starts playing the role when a more human-readable name is also there. When we send someone an email, we do not consider that person or entity with email. We would instead like to address them by their actual name. Otherwise, it makes the whole situation complicated for us humans. Therefore, we needed an email address with a name.

Using an angle bracket, separate the display name with the email address. Suppose you are sending an email to the marketing head of ABC company, and their ID is It would become relatively challenging for us to use that email every time and check there are no spelling errors. It is common to have spelling errors in ID because of obvious reasons. Hence, using the format of angle brackets, i.e., display name <>, would make things so smooth.

What Could Be The Challenges?

Everything does come with its own challenges, and we do not deny that. Yes, there are a few challenges you might have to face with it, and we are ready to inform you about that.

Firstly, there could be instances where the display name differs from what it shows in the email ID. The display name could be Shreya, while the address could be Second, there can be times when the display name in itself looks like an email ID. That can create some confusion, like what is the actual email ID. Is there any error? There can be misdirection sometimes. But the more you use, the more you can defeat these issues.


As everything is going virtual and it is just the beginning, having confusion about numerous things is normal. Especially when nowadays every person has their own 3-4 Ids. And every position in MNCs also works on its Id through different email programs. Hence, things like angle brackets are there to ease things and not complicate them. Through these angle brackets, productivity has increased. Plus, some fewer confusions and accidents happen. So try and notice how convenient they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send emails just by using the display name? Or should I check the email address with name?

We suggest you not send emails just by looking at the display name. You can do that after you have sent enough emails to them and there is no other recipient from that display name. Please check the email address with name to avoid confusion or accidents for the first few times.

Is it necessary to have a display name for my email ID?

Yes, we suggest you have a display name for your email ID. It is so your sender would not have to recheck your email ID, again and again, to ensure it is correct.

My email program only shows the display name and does not show the email ID. What to do?

In this scenario, you can double-click on the name. Or you can do a right-click on it and choose some option to see the email address with name.

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