Electronic Assistants – What Can They Do For Your Business?


* Would you like an afternoon to go golfing instead of answering emails?

* Or even four hours to spend using your family?

* Or a few hours you can spend undertaking whatever you want?

And no:

— Payroll Tax

— Getaway Pay

— Sick Abandon

— Health Insurance

— Property or Equipment

You only buy the time you use.

You can have more of their time and continue to build your organization – hire an Outsourcing company.

When I started my organization, I knew I couldn’t do all of it myself. The best use of this time is on income and the sales strategy asking that I do. That is this Brilliance — the things I am just best at and enjoy doing. I aim to do the Brilliance activities 85% of the time.

I couldn’t have done almost all I’ve done without a group of Virtual Assistants. I have worked with Virtual Assistants (VAs) for a long time. I’ve written three ebooks and many articles, provided teleseminars, and produced sound CDs. I’ve also created consulting, marketing materials, and presentations to show my clients how you can do this for their own companies – so their earnings are not solely based on their own time. They can sell info products online even when they’re no longer working with clients and pack products with services for more income.

Virtual Team members are valuable and make a massive distinction in my business. It means that we don’t work all the time; every business continues to grow. I can focus on doing the things I truly do best and know this Virtual Team member is there to address the detailed work along with things that are not my competence.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

“A Outsourcing companies (VA) is an independent businessman providing administrative, creative or technical services. Utilizing sophisticated technological modes of connection and data delivery, an experienced VA assists clients inside his/her area of expertise from his or her own office on a contractual basis. ” (http://www.ivaa.org)

They significantly the work for entrepreneurs that your corporate assistant would waste a corporation.

What Can an ANAVA Do for Your Business?

Here are some things a new VA can do for you to provide an idea of what’s likely. Evaluate the list and mark people who you could have someone do for you:

~ PowerPoint presentations

~ Prepare proposals

~ Dealer coordination

~ Shopping cart

~ Send out your ezine or perhaps newsletter

~ Event Organizing

~ Customer Service

~ Deal with client needs

~ Job Management

~ Scheduling

~ Billing

~ Proofreading, Enhancing

~ Transcription

~ Chart development

~ Handle COMPACT DISK production

~ Develop varieties

~ Research

~ Company

~ Web design and maintenance

~ Put workbooks together

~ Graphic design

~ Compile and preserve databases

~ keep you on the course, help you meet deadlines

~ Set up and manage autoresponders for e-mail marketing

~ Automate systems for your enterprise

~ Compile and maintain provides and databases

~ Post articles to online internet directories

~ Take care of all the details: coordinate with others, ensure that it all gets done

~ Keep things going after you travel: check and improve with voicemails, e-mails, and phone calls

~ And many more…

I’ve chosen to start using a team of Virtual Témoin because I want to have each team member do what they do most OK and love it. Productivity, total satisfaction, and quality of doing the job are higher. And, together with the Internet, I’m not tied to geography. I can work with individuals who are the best in their aspects of expertise, no matter where they stay.

How Do You Find a VA?

The simplest way to find a VA is to inquire about other people who use a VA who also they use. Tell them what you want any VA to do for you, and ask them what their VIRTUAL ASSISTANT does, so you’ll find a person with the skills you’re looking for. An advanced00 member of a forum or professional organization posts a new request on the board teaching you what you’re looking for in an ANOVA. List the types of things you wish them to do for you and some with the skills you’re looking for.

I get in touch with this “Jan’s 10-Foot Rule” – Ask everyone within 10 feet of you what you’re looking for, and anyone will come through. Try it! Functions.

There are also organizations where you can find a VA or search engines. I’ve always found my own team members by referral, so I have no experience with the agencies. There are certifications that a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can get. My experience is that there are good VAs with and without certifications. The particular certifications add credibility and also professionalism. Certification is not any criteria that I require a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to have, though I consider it.

* AssistU — http://www.assistu.com/

* International Virtual assistants Association — http://www.ivaa.org/

* Elance – http://www.elance.com. This is undoubtedly good for project work. You post a description of the job you want to be done, and people invest in it.

Interviewing an Internet Team Member:

Interview at least less than six people before you decide. Interview these individuals about how you would for a long-lasting hire for your business. Manage to get their name, phone number, e-mail handle, and website. Check out the web page before the interview.

The following issues have paid off tremendously to me in hiring the right folks:

* How did you determine to start your VA enterprise (Web design business and so on )?

* How long are you in business?

* What do you enjoy best about your work?

* Tell me about one of your chosen projects for a favorite consumer – what you did, how you will approach it, and how you proved helpful together.

* Here’s one of the works I want you to complete for me. (Describe your project’s details, outcome, deadlines, and so forth ). How would you approach the item?

* Who are your best buyers?

How Do They Work? So what can You Pay Them?

A new VA works in several means. You can hire them hourly, project time frame, and retainer. Retainer rates are usually lower than straight on hourly basis fees, depending on how many long times you pay them with a retainer.

Have a good idea regarding what you want them to do, along with a time budget for your work. Nearby, describe the task, and ask them how much time these people anticipate it will take.

They will undoubtedly have a welcome package and an agreement to sign before you begin working with them. Review this you would any agreement. In case there’s something you don’t accept, ask about it. If something is missing that you want in the manner you work together, tell them. Like I ask my associates to sign a nondisclosure agreement. And I want these to itemize the time they invest so that I can analyze the business from the operations standpoint.

Off to a Great Start off Working With Your New Team

Cooperating with Virtual Team members is similar to cooperating with a local person. You must communicate clearly. Make sure your first conversation and venture are off to a beautiful start:

1 . Assure some sort of smooth transition, and decrease the time you spend on it on your own. Outline for yourself precisely what building your project involves the purpose, audience, ideal outcomes, and what you are looking for them to provide.

2 . Established a weekly coordination call-up. Always have a plan. Give them essentials about the work you want them how to do – purpose, timetable, time estimates. Tell them it can be planned and come up within the next few weeks. No surprises. They can often meet tight deadlines if they can plan.

3. Tell your team members what you anticipate in working with them. For that, you want close communication with no surprises. If they have questions, inform you before they proceed with something.

4. Manage all of them as you would a local individual. Let them know what they’re succeeding in and what could be improved. Usually, ask them for their input along the way the work is done. Ask them when they see a way to simplify or even streamline processes.

5. Spend them promptly.

6. Understand their work schedule. What day/time will they do your work? Strategy accordingly. Arrange a day to allow them to do your work. Get items to them quickly.

7. Tell them their value to you, the project, and your business. Praise these people for good work. Refer many people to them.

Hiring a VA will give you time and helps you build your organization, so you don’t have to work continuously. Decide what work you want, and outsource the others to a Virtual Assistant. You have the many benefits of an assistant with a flexible basis that fits your online business and budget. I could by no means do without a Virtual Staff.

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