Electricity Medicine – Part one – Energy – What exactly is Inside You and What Encompases You


After a busy trip to work, we come home and rest on the couch for some time, sometimes watching TV or reading through the paper. We come to the actual dinner table for a bite to consume, then go back to the couch or easy chair, stating that we’re “out of one’s. ” Then the phone bands. It’s a friend inviting all of us to do something we love-bowling, dancing, golf, or to proceed somewhere we enjoy. Suddenly all of us feel rejuvenated! Where before there was “no energy, very well now energy floods by way of our body and we are fired up to be active.

What is electricity? Where does it come from? How exactly does it diminish or expand? Are there ways to increase each of our energy? And as we get elderly, instead of feeling that all of the energy is draining outside of us, is there a vitamin you can take or a diet you can eat-or? Is there something else you can do to help our energy levels?

If you have asked those inquiries, you have joined thousands of others who understand what energy is usually when they are experiencing it, or maybe they don’t have it but don’t know where energy derives from or how to get it.

Electricity surrounds us! We know electricity by what it does, but many of us haven’t come to know what it is at all. The book defines energy as “1. vigour in the exertion involving power; strength in action; forcefulness of expression. 2 . motion; activity; operation. 3. (Physics) capacity to do work. Those explanations seem rather vague, and that is precisely how energy appears to us all. We recognize energy almost all effectively by its final results.

Benjamin Franklin tested the actual electricity in his renowned key and kite chain experiment. Carl Van Doren quotes Joseph Priestley, a recent of Franklin, who very much related the story throughout great detail and learned it as it is described listed below:

“As every circumstance concerning so capital a breakthrough discovery (the greatest, perhaps, since the time of Sir Isaac Newton) cannot but present pleasure to all my audience, I shall endeavour for you to gratify them with the interaction of a few particulars I have from the best power.

“The Doctor, having printed his method of verifying the hypothesis concerning the sameness involving electricity with the matter of turbo, was waiting for the erectile of a spire [on Christ Church] throughout Philadelphia to carry his opinions into execution; not saying that a pointed rod of any moderate height could reply the purpose; when it occurred to him that using a typical kite, he could have much better access to the regions of magic than by any spire whatever. Preparing, therefore, a big silk handkerchief and two cross-sticks of a proper size on which to extend it, this individual took the opportunity of the very first approaching thunderstorm to take a walk in the fields, by which there was a shed handy for his purpose. However, dreading the ridicule that too commonly attends not successful attempts in science, this individual communicated his intended test to nobody but their son” – then twenty-one, not a child as in the standard illustrations of the scene — “who assisted him in raising the kite.

“The kite being raised, a substantial time elapsed before there was clearly any appearance of the being electrified. One really promising cloud had handed down over it without any effect; whenever, at length, just as having been beginning to despair of their contrivance, he observed a few loose threads of the hempen string to stand set up, and to avoid one another, just like if they had been suspended with a common conductor. Struck on this promising appearance, he quickly presented his knuckle on the key, and (let the various readers judge of the exquisite delight he must have felt too moment) the discovery ended up being complete. He perceived an incredibly evident electric spark. Some others succeeded, even before the chain was wet, so as to that matter past all fight, and when the rain possessed wet the string they collected electric fire quite copiously. This happened throughout June 1752, a month following your electricians in France possessed verified the same theory, before he heard of anything among the done. ”

Although Franklin recognized the great power contained within the impressive thunderstorms, electrical power remains very similar today as it was in the 1700’s-invisible, mysterious, and capable of delivering great benefits or significant hazards, depending on how it was it is employed.

Thus we know electricity is out there, whatever it is. But in addition to electrical currents, there are other forms of energy. There are air power, ocean or water power, heat, cold, and light. At our disposal, constantly throughout the day, we utilize the benefits of equipment that runs based on energy. Cell phones, radios, televisions, microwave ovens, personal computers, fax machines, cameras and camcorders, washers and electric dryers and dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, distant controls, satellites- the list may be endless.

Interestingly, the wavelengths or frequencies of many of such items permeate the air close to us. It is difficult to find a will commence on Planet Earth where no signs are present, and frequencies tend not to go. And the wavelengths don’t just go around us. They go using us. So no matter where we could, we are constantly bombarded together with energy.

Energy exists from different frequencies in every factor, animate or inanimate. Anything that surrounds an individual or is measurable will be identifiable by its vitality frequency. Everything you simply “see” as being solid isn’t solid. It is a mass of atoms combined at different densities to form objects. Existing tissue operates with increased frequencies than, for example, rubble. But everyone and every factor give off energy.

The bombardment of vibrations that affect our bodies in the lower regularity ranges includes heat, mild, smell, laser beams, and movements. Radio radios, TVs, cellular phones, microwaves, infrared, visible light sources, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays produce higher frequencies. Even educational facilities of fish and flocks of birds move in synchrony because of vibrational signals identified as “wave resonance. ”

The widely accepted song from the ’70s by Beach Boys talks about “picking up her vibrations. micron Most of us have met someone having whom we just truly feel a connection. The recognition can turn up almost instantly. We often call many people “kindred spirits” or “soul mates, ” and we could feel we have known these individuals before. Perhaps it is because, being a tuning fork, we are performing on similar wavelengths.

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