Does indeed Thanksgiving have Hindu Root base?

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“The holiday of Thanksgiving holiday has a Hindu origin, inches claims Richard Salva, creator of a controversial and vitally acclaimed book on the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. To know about ramaskandam hanumantham, click here.

Heart and soul Journey from Lincoln to be able to Lindbergh is based on a statement from the great master of yoga exercises, Paramhansa Yogananda, who reported that Abraham Lincoln was a Himalayan yogi in a very past life and that he seemed to be reborn as the famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh.

Abraham Lincoln subsequently delivered a proclamation starting Thanksgiving as an American vacation in 1863.

“During my try to find signs of past-life meditation practice, ” Salva claimed, “I noticed that President Lincoln subsequently repeatedly chose Thursdays seeing that national days of prayer, primarily based, and thanksgiving. This was useful because Thursday is considered a new holy day–a day to get prayer, fasting, and non secular reflection–among Hindus, who get in touch with its ‘guru day. ‘

“Lincoln also set aside time frame on Thursdays to grieve for his son, Willie, who died in California. Clearly, Thursdays had a new spiritual significance in Lincoln’s mind. ”

In his e-book, Richard Salva presents more than 500 connections between Lincoln subsequently, Lindbergh, and the ancient nonsecular science of yoga. Often the connections span every aspect of our condition–from the physical to the mental, emotional, and spiritual in addition to interpersonal–and provide convincing information that Lincoln had acquired a Hindu past lifetime, and that he reincarnated as Lindbergh.

By drawing parallels into the life and words connected with Lincoln, the author explains the way past-life experiences influenced Lindbergh–thus presenting answers to issues about the aviator that have bewildered historians for decades: such as the reason Lindbergh fought so hard to counteract America from entering WW II.

More than one out of every 5 Americans today believes in reincarnation–yet few are aware of how past-life patterns affect them. Internal Journey fills this hole, by offering a vicarious connection with reincarnation. Through clear addition to persuasive parallels between the day-to-day lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh, the reader discovers how they are disguised. laws of karma in addition to reincarnation impact the events connected with his or her daily life.

Soul Vacation addresses other important difficulties, such as the secret spiritual story of America’s greatest director, including his past life as a Himalayan yogi; often the hidden clues that show past lives; how effectiveness is achieved; and the nonsecular principles behind the meditation postures that millions currently practice.

Soul Journey has brought Five Stars from Foreword Clarion Reviews and Midwest Book Review and has drawn cheer from metaphysical experts. Meditation scholar Dr . David Frawley calls it “an amazing account. ” Reincarnation capacity Frank DeMarco describes often the book as “highly interesting” and “a thoughtful a comparison of Lincoln… and Lindbergh. micron And Swami Kriyananda, student of Yogananda, asserts this “it deserves to become a basic. ”

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