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What are Discord Badges?

Badges are like specific tags that distinguish a member user of a particular group. Badges appearing on a user’s profile card when clicked help to access someone’s profile. Multiple badges stack together hierarchically. Check out https://boost-like.com/category/discord-services/discord-accounts/ to know more.

Buying different Badges of Discord Account Discord comes with a broad array of badges such as:

Discord Staff Badge

It is designed to differentiate users from Discord staff by allocating the badge to all Discord Staff only. Thus, it avoids any imitation by non-Discord employees. Partnered Server Owner Badge

A Server owner who fulfills the specific requirements can be granted a partnership with Discord along with the badge. From August 28th, 2020, collaboration with Discord unlocks special features and perks for the server owner.

This badge is reserved for Discord HypeSquad Events attendee or coordinator’s profile. You get to choose from the three options to take the Hypesquad quiz from Discord settings- the first is Bravery, the second comes to Brilliance, and the third is Balance. For a random House badge, you can select the last option for all quiz questions.

Special HypeSuad Badges

The Gold HypeSquad Balance badge was awarded to those who helped in raising the highest donation amount till 3rd February 2019. It is the only animated and bright shining badge for all HypeSquad Balance members involved in Discord’s charity program Snowsgiving.

Discord Bug Hunter/Buster Badge

This badge is confined to those who helped to determine and confirm bugs.

Discord Nitro Badge

Users who purchase and subscribe to Discord Nitro get the Nitro badge on their profile.

Discord Nitro Early Supporter Badge

This permanent badge is limited to a date specified by subscribers,i.e., before October 10th, 2018.

Server Boosting Badge

It is a pink gem badge that appears on a profile that boosts one or more servers. Depending on the time you have boosted, the badge keeps changing as it is dynamic.

Early Verified Bot Developer Badge

If you have just one bot verified by Discord, you can receive the badge.

Discord Certified Moderator Badge

It is for the scholars who crack the Discord Moderator Academy Exam. And to maintain the reputation as such, you need to be actively engaged as contributing member of the Discord Moderator Discord for a minimum of three months. You are likely to receive the Certified Discord Moderator badge.

As per your need, you can decide to purchase Discord Accounts, whether in bulk or single.

You get all sorts of Discord accounts on boost-like.com. You can have a phone verified discord account, Discord server, partner, or Early Supporter Discord Account, all in one place. All real accounts and timely customer service is the result that we have emerged as a reputed firm. We have developed good relations with a community of gamers. Among the various Discord accounts, you only have to choose, and the rest is our responsibility to deliver you the best.

The latest Discord account with Email may cost you around $ 0.75, and Discord PVA Email included with a token is priced at $1.35. In addition, we make sure that every deal on Discord accounts is authentic and legit. The best part would be that we try to deliver each purchase before an outlay is generated and issued.

Sell Discord Accounts

Another excellent opportunity for you is that you can also sell a Discord Account on our website. All you need to do is initiate your registration as a seller. For you may be requested to verify your ID to protect buyers. Once you are a confirmed successful seller, you can sell on our platform with 100% protected transactions.

Benefits of Selling Discord accounts

  • We guarantee 100% safety against fraud and chargebacks.
  • You can resolve buyer-related issues using our dispute resolution process
  • We offer free comprehensive payment protection services.
  • You can sell your account with confidence, as we take the entire selling and buying process

Discord accounts are essential to communicate within communities or to having private chats. Selling and buying a Discord account on a trustworthy website helps you grow your business hassle-free. With the decreased risks in account trading, you can buy a variety of Discord badges at affordable prices. In addition, you can buy the best and instant delivery products at a lower cost if you choose wisely. If you come across any questions or are skeptical about our services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You contact us through email or our Customer Support. And we are here to help! Customer satisfaction is the priority; we bother to take care of the most.

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