Dieting or Exercise? Both is Good!

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Obesity is a problem that is still rapidly spreading worldwide. Exploiting the modern convenience of everyday life, spending too much time inactive and indoors, plus an unhealthy diet combined with no work out, can lead to serious diseases. Arterial hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, spinal damage, premature death, plus a wide range of psychological and emotional problems, these are all illnesses caused and contributed by obesity. Some people have a genetic predisposition, some just made a poor lifestyle decision, but whatever your excuse is you have to keep in mind that no matter how far you astray you can always turn around and run back to a healthier life choice. Literally run!

Why dieting and exercise?

Because one without the other is not a healthy way to lose weight. If you work out and you are not on a healthy diet, your energy level simply won’t be high enough, hence – no strength. Most food industries today favor flavors, and when you are high on sugar and low on proteins you will get tired fast and just get sleepy. Still, all the fat and sugar will just pile up in your system. If you are on a good, well balanced diet, but you are avoiding the workout, think about what you are doing to your muscle structure and immune system. The human body is built to work, and if you choose to ignore this primal call, you could find yourself facing even more dangerous health problems. Plus, even if you lose weight, without a workout you will gain fat much easier and soon you will be back where you started in no time.

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How do I do it?

The trick is to know what your body actually needs. Every vitamin and mineral plays an active part in your system and you have to micromanage your own body. Get informed what is actually good for you! Consume healthy fat, which you can get from nutty fruits and fish, and stay away from trans fats. Read the fine print on every food product that you purchase, and visualize how the ingredients will reflect on your organism. Thankfully, there are convenient products like protein powder that can help you with your diet by providing healthy proteins, so even if your diet is not regularly balanced this supplement will keep you right on the track. As far as exercising goes, recommendations can be misleading, so make sure that you are taking any piece of advice from a professional trainer, but mostly you will have to find out yourself which exercise is the best for you. Jogging is always a good choice! Jogging develops your cardiovascular fitness, helps the immune system to get stronger, improves mental fitness and it also helps you sleep better. It is not exhausting as running can be, and you can set your tempo the way it suits you. Consume enough water and don’t forget to sleep! It is very important to relax and let your muscles and body revitalize for another day.


Start now! Don’t expect drastic changes to happen overnight, bear in mind that your goal is assembled from little and day by day goals and honor every one of them. Soon enough, you will notice that you are full of energy and from that moment your improvement is inevitable. Keep your pace, don’t force yourself, and jog with me to a better, healthier life!

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